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Boggle intervention

Been busy doing surfing the net research on blogging all day. So much so that my head is spinning from all the useful information I am finding.

Lara just popped me on the coconut phone and is coming over soon with her boggle game. She gave me a set time frame and said I have one hour to wrap it up and be ready to play – now that’s what friends are for.

Miss Dianne popped by before Lara did and Paul , Cindy and Molly came round after. Busy day for pop ins and always nice to see everyone.

Watching sunset by Black& White bar

Gorgeous sky


  1. Beautiful sunset pic!! I'm a sucker for those. Save a few for us & hope to see you on Sunday at the BBQ!! Can't wait!

  2. Hey Misti – I am a sucker for sunsets too please pm or email if you want to make definite plans to meet up, otherwise likely we will see you there.

  3. Just poppin in from sunny and dry Denver!

    Cool pics!

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