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Boggle intervention

Been busy doing surfing the net research on blogging all day. So much so that my head is spinning from all the useful information I am finding.

Lara just popped me on the coconut phone and is coming over soon with her boggle game. She gave me a set time frame and said I have one hour to wrap it up and be ready to play – now that’s what friends are for.

Miss Dianne popped by before Lara did and Paul , Cindy and Molly came round after. Busy day for pop ins and always nice to see everyone.

Watching sunset by Black& White bar

Gorgeous sky


  1. Just poppin in from sunny and dry Denver!

    Cool pics!

  2. Hey Misti – I am a sucker for sunsets too please pm or email if you want to make definite plans to meet up, otherwise likely we will see you there.

  3. Beautiful sunset pic!! I'm a sucker for those. Save a few for us & hope to see you on Sunday at the BBQ!! Can't wait!

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