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Joyride with Mary

Mary asked me to go for a joyride with her today because she was returning her rental. We decided to go south for a bit and once we hit a big puddle just past the Sand sales area we decided to turn around. Since we were passing right by Lara’s I figured we could pop in and say hi. I knew she was doing some hgtv work in her house and might appreciate a social break.

We headed back towards town and decided our next stop would be Santiago Castillo. Thanks to Cindy texting me earlier we found out they were having a 20% off sale today. I likely would not have gone there to buy anything had there not been a sale lol.

Next we decided to head north across the bridge. e planned to just drive for a bit but the gray skies caught up with us just past Sweet Basil’s and we decided to make a break for Reef Village so we could say hi to JD. We got soaked and waited out the rain at Reef and found out JD was in town so we did not get to see him after all. When the rain was done we did a few errands in town and then Mary dropped me back at the tacoshack and went to go pick up her boys at school.

We think this is a cow bone

Sand trucks

Puddle that got us to turn around

Interesting building

Nice concrete work

More development south

2 thoughts on “Joyride with Mary

  1. tacogirl says:

    Hi Mystery Boy

    I think it is called Athens Gate and I am not sure whose it is. It is south past Miramar a bit.

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