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As if I don’t have enough stuff rattling around in my head already, Michele added to that by reminding me about at Stumbled Upon.

So now as I sit here and click my stumbled upon button and much like playing slots wait to see if I hit the jackpot. I am finding sites like… dollar bill folding and Your age on other planets – this one was a bit scary.

I am off to meet rubyd at the pool – even though Maureen is away we are going to try and make classes happen. Turned out 4 of us showed up and we had a great class. while I can say I do like it best when Maureen is teaching, rubyd and I managed to remember a bunch of her routine and we made it through just fine.

Important Email…

Date: Thu, 2 Oct 2008 08:10:40 -0700
From: Dianne
Subject: Help for Lacy’s boys
To: tacogirl

Hi Laurie

If you please send this out asap it would be appreciated.

Due to Lacy’s sudden passing, there is a fundraiser to help fly her sons to San Pedro and cover accommodations. If any of your readers would like to contribute to the cause donations can be made via :

1) Western Union, San Pedro to Dianne Lawrence (Quicksilver). Send email with transfer information to “Lacy’s Boys” should be in the subject line please.

2) By mail to Dianne Lawrence, Unit #555, Quicksilver Messenger Service, San Pedro Town, Amebergris Caye, Belize Central America. A footnote on the cheque should include “Lacy’s Boys” or “fundraiser” please.

If fund raising exceeds expenses the remainder shall contributed to the “Friends In Need” fundraiser and Chili Cook-off later this month assisting with medical expenses for the ceviche lady, Niamath, and the fruit-stand lady, Julia.

Thank you, Dianne (Quicksilver)
Dare to dream and enjoy life’s journey!

Went to take the short cut and what did I find?

Road washed out

Happy Whale

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