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Saw Barefoot Skinny tonight and he taught us a new fav for wii bowling. Each person gets to bowl 10 consecutive frames, after each frame the number of pins increases. There are no gutters on this one and you get a bonus for hitting the center pin. My highest was score 498 pins.

A sampling of the playlist from Pedro’s tonight.

La Bamba
Walk this way – Aerosmith
Shoop ba Doop – Salt n Peppa
Hound dog – Elvis
If you think I’m sexy – Rod Stewart
I feel good – James Brown
Black Magic Woman – Santana
Let’s get it started – Black Eyed Peas
You Can’t Always get what you want – Rolling Stones
Turn out the lights – Nelly Furtado
I’m just a girl – Avril Lavigne
Hotel California – Eagles
Holliday – Greenday

Lara and Simon playing wii – It’s ok to drink and drive when you are sitting in a bar stool

2 thoughts on “Playlist

  1. tacogirl says:

    LOL – loved the roller rink. Got your package today not had the chance to email yet and say thanks.

  2. rump shaker says:

    ha tacogirl-it’s “do ya think i’m sexy” NOT “if ya think i’m sexy” that is just so funny to me,it takes rod down a notch,don’t ya think(still laughing).that song takes me right back to the roller rink,self-consciously skating around on the carpet because i would inevitably injure myself on the actual rink… tragic…..
    thanks for making me smile today!

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