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Shake it off

Been a busy morning doing a new squidoo lens – said I would do one weekly for a bit and I just made t in under the wire. I was having issues with links part so I will add them later. Michele is ahead of me and had her second lens dreaming Belize done right away.

In one of my recent posts I wrote… I find it refreshing to know that at any point in time we can “click refresh” and see things in a new way. Today that is feeling a bit more difficult than usual – nothing like friends, bbq and a nice float in the ocean to help shake it off. Having a bit of a of a slip on food this weekend toast and a burger bun yesterday not to mention mini chocolates that Tiona brought for tacoboy. I will likely continue on and have a rum punch while I am out and start fresh tomorrow.

Scary we just had a power surge and it blipped off an on before I even had time to unplug my computer. Even though we use surge protectors on most stuff, we still unplug laptops when power goes off. Still hoping to get a line monitor but have not totally figured that out yet. I just read Upstart Blogger’s post on power surge and bullet proof back up systems. That was a good reminder that I really need to get backing up on a more regular basis.

Just got back from Catamaran had a nice afternoon and feel totally relaxed. Walter came back with me and now we are going to go for a ride in town.

A short love note….

Hi Sara just here always thinking about you. Looking forward to hearing from you. It’s Sunday and I was bored so I went to hang out with friends and enjoy a beer to fix me up.

Missing you
xox Walter

Pics from today a bit over exposed bit posting anyways.

Walter and Paul

Beth Walter and I

Walter and I

Walter and his new shamrock tattoo

Pit stop at Playa Lounge

Bc’s has the best tortilla chips

2 thoughts on “Shake it off

  1. Islagringo says:

    I couldn’t figure out the title to this post until I read this:

    at any point in time we can “dick refresh”

    What does tacoboy think of you doing that!!!!!

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