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A Taste of Rainy Season in San Pedro Belize
Notice how high the water level is around parked cart and bike tires

A Taste of Rainy Season in San Pedro Belize

The current weather brings a taste of the rainy season in San Pedro Belize.  Thankfully the rain has stopped for now but it is rained so heavy between last night and this morning that many of  the back roads have turned into waterways. In the east side of our yard we have a big lake where the water level rose up to an inch or so above ground. I know may peoples yards on the island have turned into fish ponds, this makes a good case for doing your due diligence before buying land to ensure you are high and dry.

Since walking in puddles is almost unavoidable in rainy season, make sure to wash your shoes and feet well with clean water when you get home. Puddles can carry parasites. You don’t have to have a cut on your foot, either, many parasites which can get on your bare skin and burrow underneath. Also try avoid puddles if you have recently had a new pedicure, during a pedicure there is a chance of getting minute abrasions that could easily allow the entry of the bacteria. It is not a bad idea to wash your dog’s paws after they walk in puddles and get rid of any wash off any toxins and germs they may have picked up.

Below  are a couple of videos and a few pics I took on my walk to the corner store showing just how flooded San Pablo area is getting.

The weather in Belize brings the rainy season.

Some parts of the road were up to mid calf deep in water

belize weather is bringing lots of rain

Road to mini Marina’s is now a waterway

San Pedro Belize weather brings the rainy season.

Notice how high the water level is around parked cart and bike tires

Belize weather forecast calls for heavy rain.

Yard at our corner store us submerged

rainy season belize

Rain flooded roads and yards fast and furiously this morning

weather in belize

Bet the driver if this truck was happy not to be in a golf cart today

belize rain

Water level rose up to an inch or so above ground on the east side of our house

The first video  is a short clip I took on our balcony  around 7:00am this morning when it was coming down in buckets.  I missed the windiest part while I was pitting my DiCAPac waterproof case on camera but you will get the idea of how fast and hard the rain was coming down.

Video number two was filmed when I went out to get a few groceries.  I had planned on going for a walk around the block to hit Marina’s and doing the loop past Banyan Bay and cutting through Banana Beach parking lot but quickly changed my mind after I got outside. It was raining so hard that it did not take long for me to get soaked down to my skivies even with a raincoat on. I opted to go as far as our corner store mini Marina’s instead and filmed a bunch of short clips along the way using my  Bingo  waterproof camera bag with my Cannon G7 camera.


  1. The videos would benefit from a sound track like “singing in the rain” or “raindrops keep falling on my head”. Also I believe that in addition to the bugs and parasites you mentioned at one time there can be found whale sharks in the larger puddles but I could be mistaken.

  2. The raindrops were definitely falling on my head today Dr Al. I believe at one point someone would have also found my cell phone in one of the larger puddles, that is if a whale shark did not eat it first 🙂

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