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Cold Front and how I Saved $145 a month

I am sure most of you who live here and a many who are repeat visitors to Ambergris Caye have a ‘how rumors get started’ story or two. My last one started late last night when tacoboy arrived home from Trivia at Pedro’s Pizza and a night with the Bat Sub boys. He came home with  a report that Sunday was supposed to be the record coldest day in San Pedro in a very long time. I thought it was possible because at 3:00am we could already feel the cold front moving in.

I emailed Commodore Andy from the San Pedro Sailing Club this morning to fact check and get more information, this was his reply…. Probably not the coldest in recent history but according to the Wind, wave and weather forecast we are expecting a very chilly night on Sunday with temperatures in the region of 62 degrees. Thanks Bonkers and I want a refund!!!

When tacoboy got home tonight he stood his ground that Cindy and Andy totally gave the first report last night. I said “a grain of salt moment” and we both had a good laugh over it. As far as I was concerned it did not have to be a record low for me to be smart enough to put an empty duvet cover on the bed for tonight. The wind is very strong enough right now that it is making our locked french doors move. I also washed our big comforter for Sunday just in case it is chilly enough to use it.

Now onto the good stuff saving money.

I was at Belize Telemedia paying our internet bill today and decided we could drop down from 2mb to 1mb connection this would save us $110 a month. While sitting at the customer service desk I decided to take a chance ask if we could loose our land-line since we never use it and do not even own a telephone and much to my surprise she said yes.  Years ago when we got our BTL account it was not an option and they made everyone get a land-line and today I learned that the policy had been changed for the past year. Had I known, we could have saved  another $420 [never mind the other 4 years we paid for a service we never used lol.] I was happy to finally loose the land-line and bump up our savings to $145 a month.

I ran into Beth on the way home and she mentioned that she uses Smart prepaid internet and adding $90 bzd  to her dongle lasts her 3 months. I asked Mary for a comparison review and here is what she had to say … Dongle was like $100 bzd n sale and then I added $50 more bzd I think it lasted me the full 3 weeks but I don’t stream music or movies it is a good deal and the internet was fast I like it very much but the original $100 bzd was for some megs and the dongle thing – Mary

It’s 10:00pm and time to step away from my desk. I will leave you with a few bird pictures I took this week.

belize bird
Something to say
belize bird
Pelican posing for his picture
belize birds
Relaxing on the lagoon
belize bird
Watching the world go by

2 thoughts on “Cold Front and how I Saved $145 a month

  1. Emily says:

    Okay, I give in…it *is* cold today! Even I am in a light jacket and yoga pants. But my feet are still bare. 🙂 Glad you were able to save some $. When we used to have DSL in the US we had to have land lines as well. Not sure if they still have that requirement.

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