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Early Morning Flights, my Whirlwind Trip to Belize City and our Crawl North

I had the best intentions to finish an post this Tuesday afternoon and ended up on on Belize time and an adventure crawl to North Ambergris Caye which you will see pics and details of below. Wednesday the exciting Tropic Air announcement of Belize to Cancun flights bumped it and my morning was reserved for spending time with Dennis before he left on the 3pm Thunderbolt water taxi to Corozal. After seeing him off, emails took precedence and before I knew it it was time to go meet Mawags and her crew at the Squirrels nest beach bar for a drink.

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The sky is busy this morning, puddle jumpers have been flying back and forth since 6:20 am today. I was laying in bed listening to the planes thinking I was glad I did not have to be at the airport till 9:30. Taking a Tropic flight to Municipal as I have an 11:00 am appointment in Belize City today. I would have taken a shopping day after but decided to make it a quick trip and get back home asap to hand out with Dennis on his last day on the island. Left San Pedro at 10:00 am and was back by 1:00 pm and that included a stop at Philip Goldson International Airport too – I love how quick and easy it is to fly here.

As I was waiting for my appointment, I was editing the pictures I took on the way over and the unthinkable happened I did not catch I was on delete all instead of delete last image and I lost a bunch of great pictures I took on the flight over – UGH. If I was making a camera I would not even have that option available, or at least make it more difficult like having to select all the pics before you can get rid of them.

Instead of letting that ruin my day I started counting todays blessings in my head to make me feel better. This morning Dennis woke up early specifically to make me breakfast before I left and Paul gave me a ride to the airport this morning as he scored a cart from Pedro’s last night. I sure am going to miss having a second boy around the house 🙂

As we were having breakfast, Dennis confirmed Robbie’s prediction yesterday was right, the water had calmed right down and he was able to go on one last dive. Later when I got home he said the dive was excellent and they saw big eagle ray couple of turtles and a whole bunch of groupers swam with them the whole time.

san pedro airport
Boarding Tropic Air flight to Municipal airport
belize city tour
Colorful train giving cruise shippers a Belize City tour
belize animals
Bird hanging out by the runway at Municipal airport
belize city airport
Fuel truck another hot wheels looking vehicle in Belize
tropic air
Our plane getting serviced
tropic air
I was not the only one taking a gazillion plane pics 🙂
belize city to san pedro
View before takeoff on the flight from Belize City to San Pedro

I was going to call it a day and end this post here but my travel adventure was not over yet. Since we still had the golf cart from Pedro’s Hotel, Paul said we should do a drive up north which was perfect for Dennis as he got to say his last good byes. We started out at the Pool bar and Grill for happy hour with Cowboy Doug and Leisa then headed south to Coco Loco’s Beach Bar to catch up with Cindy, Andy and Tinker who were there playing trivia. Afterward we continued crawling south and had planed to go to La Hora on back street for Mexican tacos but they were closed. We immediately decided to hit the park for street food which is always a good nighttime plan b. We followed that up with Manelley’s for dessert – I had a coconut paleta, tacoboy Oreo cookie on a waffle cone and Dennis had Belizean fudge in a cup.

north ambergris caye
Cowboys Pool bar was busy
things to do in belize
Coco Locos Beach Bar was also busy for weekly trivia night
belize bars
Full moon from Coco Loco’s beach bar
belize beach bar
Lots of us enjoyed the full moon at Coco Locos

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