Strong Support from Ambergris Caye Businesses

by tacogirl
crazy canucks beach bar

The San Pedro Branch of the Belize Red Cross is very fortunate to have strong local business support in their efforts to make a difference on Ambergris Caye. 

Crazy Canucks Beach Bar has been doing a wonderful Job with ongoing fundraising for the San Pedro Red Cross by designating the last Friday of their weekly trivia as Red Cross Night. Think and Drink Trivia has raised $500 since June, with $175 and the highest total to date from Last Friday’s fundraiser. Without a doubt, it is one of the busiest and most popular trivia nights on the island. The owner Rob has a great sense of humor which guarantees a super fun time while raising money for an important cause. We had the Red Crossers and the Cross Redders and Forrest wore his red shirt in support of the night. Thankfully Steve was our guy and he did the two of three tie-breaking drink challenges we were called up for. Congratulations to the Panty Rippas who took the win.

You can Play Think and Drink Trivia any Friday night at Crazy Canucks, indulge in reasonably priced food and drinks, plus you get to hang out with good friends or make some new ones.

crazy canucks beach bar

Team Red Crossers

belize bars

Steve won the first drink challenged and we all got a round of shots

cracy canucks belize

Half the Cross Redders

weekly trivia belize

Sipping beer through a straw tie breaker challenge t Crazy Canucks Trivia night

belize bars

Chicken Wings with Sauce on the side from Crazy Canucks

crazy canucks belize beach bar

Forrest wearing Red Shirt in support of San Pedro Red Cross trivia night at Crazy Canucks

san pedro belize red cross

Packed Think and Drink Trivia Night at Crazy Canucks in support of San Pedro Red Cross

crazy canucks beach bar

Trivia Winners the Panty Rippas

crazy canucks belize

Canucks Fri night Karaoke fun after Think and Drink Trivia

22 of San Pedro High School Teachers are better able to help  their students and the communities in which they work and live through learning first aid.

belize high school

Teachers and Anthony waiting outside classroom

belize red cross volunteers

Shirlee, Michael, Chris, Anthony

belize schools

Chris teaching San Pedro High School teachers CPR

The same day that the San Pedro High School teachers received first aid, Coco Loco’s Beach Bar, who sponsored a teacher, held a first aid supplies drive. They helped collect some much needed and useful supplies to make a first aid kit for the San Pedro High School and the event also raised $387. Michael and Rob from Bamboo Chicken and Legends Burger House came out to support the event with some great live music. Everyone enjoyed Marlon’s Rum Popo and Sue’s delicious homemade treats.

belize red cross

First Aid supplies drive

coco loco's beach bar

Cheers to Marlon’s Rum Popo and everyone who came to support a great cause

captain morgans tombstone pizza

Tombstone pizza available t Coco Loco’s

coco locos beach bar

Good turn out for first aid supplies drive

san pedro belize red cross volunteers

Shirlee and me

belize bars

Michael and Rob – Bamboo Chicken Band

sue blair belize

Sue with homemade no-bake Nutella cookies

These next 2 pics I am posting to show how fast the weather has been changing, They were taken 5 minutes apart.

belize weather

Big dark rain cloud

san pedro belize weather

Sun was shining five minutes later

The San Pedro Red Cross was thrilled with the community support at their Cayo Appeal Fundraiser which was done in aid of communities in the Cayo District and the Belize River Valley who experienced flooding.  Belize Red Cross assessed the needs of communities most affected in those areas and rallied the troops countrywide to help those who needed it most. Both the National Emergency Management Organization and the Belize Red Cross came together in aid of the 200+ families most affected by the flood and help ease their suffering.  In an effort to do our part, the San Pedro Branch hosted a fundraiser and collected food, toiletries, clothing, and money.

Island residents came out in force and made donations to help raise it to a grand total of $676 as well as over 300 lbs of food and lots of clean gently used clothing and footwear was also collected. High praise goes to the RC School, which donated 90 percent of the collected food.  A special thank you to Alexandra Lausen who, for her 10th birthday party asked her friends to make a donation to the San Pedro Red Cross Cayo Appeal in lieu of gifts.

Red Cross Volunteer Amy Stevenson said “It was truly very heartwarming to have school kids bringing food and donating their juice money. We also had some very unfortunate givers. Folks who had so very little came and donated either food or money. Hector was the first, he spent all his money to buy food “for the kids” he said. Another woman, named Amy, donated some money. She is a single mom of 4 kids living in San Mateo. She said that her daughter had been sick with pneumonia and she received help, so now she wanted to help others. She is in the photo with Mike and Steve, her daughter also. Lenny also donated.”

belize red cross

Steve and Anthony picture by Amy Stevenson

amy stevenson

Lenny showing off his wood carvings after he made a donation picture by Matt Stevenson


cayo appeal

Amy Stevenson taking food donation from a young girl at the Cayo Appeal picture mt Matt

roman catholic school san pedro belize

R.C school student helping load Mike’s cart picture by Anthony Anderson

san pedro red cross

Loading the cart picture by Anthony Anderson

Our partnership with Washington University of Health and Science Medical School and the Belize Blood  Bank continues, the next Blood drive will be taking place on Jan 25th and will be held at the Medical School across from SAGA and Pedro’s Inn. Blood will be collected from 9:00 am – 2:00 pm. SPBRC is hopeful it can surpass 49 pints of blood that was collected at their inaugural Blood Drive in November. The plan is to build a healthy supply of Blood for Ambergris Caye that will be stored at The Central Blood Bank in Belize.

SPBRC is becoming increasingly active in various projects around the island which include: Working with the elderly, blood drives, HIV & Aids Peer education, Psychosocial Support, food drives, social assistance to disaster victims and the disadvantaged.

clifford dee dillon belize

Dee came to donate Blood

matt stevenson belize

Matt donating blood picture by Amy Stevenson

amy stevenson belize

Amy donating blood picture by by Matt Stevenson

san pedro red cross blood drive

Taking a sample by Amy Stevenson

washington university medical school belize

Blood drive at Washington University of Health and Science Medical School picture by Amy Stevenson

belize medical school

Blood Drive crew at Washington University of Health and Science Medical School


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