belize christmas

A Christmas Miracle and Picasso inspired art

Our friend Lois did a great job of not loosing her composure when her iPhone was last traced to being on a golf cart that someone else was now driving. The word was put out and fingers were crossed it would some how comeback asap. A couple of days later, Stephanie at Pirates Pizza found the phone which had fallen out of Lois’s back pocket and slipped between the seats. We all agreed it was a miraculous that the phone did not get bounced off or taken.

In addition to  our ‘Christmas Miracle’ there  has been a twist of fate in a few peoples lives. It all started out with my annual chore of getting the gifts together for the Sad Bastards steal a present game.

I decided to set my size limit on the first present by recycling one of the cute colorful Christmas bags Mary had given us with yummy treats inside. The present came easy in the form of a $75  Casa Picasso Gift Certificate that I procured from Jackie via facebook messenger.  Since we needed a Tinker present too, I decided to try for  one stop shopping at Wings the appliance section is always a good bet with their 25% off sale.

I did not fare as well in the toy department, you will see in the pictures below. I decided a trip to A&R on middle street was my next best bet and was hoping to find a nice wood jenga game that was baby friendly. As fate would have it Cindy came along offered me a ride, this simple event altered my course to her destination and as a result I found a striped poncho wearing stuffed Monkey. I knew instantly it was the perfect present for the whole family because it ties in with Cindy and Andy’s ongoing facebook Monkey adventure story that so many of us have been following. There will be a lot of new twists and turns now that monkey has a partner in crime 🙂

As for the Picasso inspired art, it all started after an early Trivia at Coco Loco’s on Thursday night and the decision to merge 3 date night plans into one 7 person romantic dinner at Casa Picasso. Sue and Steve needed a bit of cheerng up after a hard day and the rest of us needed to find some more Christmas spirit. Of course Adam laughed loudly at Paul when he called to order a table for 7 on one of the busiest nights of the year. Paul told him we would eat outside if we had to we were coming anyways, magically a big table opened up very shortly after we arrived.

Since we were going for maximum Christmas cheer had decided to bring Tinkers present to dinner so the accomplice could make it on facebook Christmas morning. The other part of the gift was a magnifying sheet, that led us to doing Picasso inspired art night. We played for hours at the dinner table and used Lois’s phone to take pictures of everyone at our table, Jackie, Adam Nickolai and Ben. In the spirit of our silly crazy head Christmas, we decided to throw in some Charlie Brown. We positioned Andy  in front of the projector and placed him so that Charlie Brown was on his head, had he not been very busy we would have for Adam to go beside him and get Snoopy in the shot too. We all cracked up over the pictures as we took them and again the next morning when Lois posted a funny montage of our group art on facebook. Of course the magnifier made it back to Sad Bastards party yesterday and after large buffet lunch we had more fun with making Christmas crazy head art.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. It has been great to take a good break from everything and enjoy a laid back super fun holiday with friends.

belize christmas
Mary gave us cute bags with yummy Hickory Farms and crackers in them
christmas in belize
Christmas colored truck I saw along the way
shopping in belize
I totally would have bought one of these talking dolls for Tinker had they not been broken
best sock monkey
The Poncho wearing accomplice has arrived picture by Andrew Milner
casa picasso belize restaurant
Picasso inspired art with a splash of Charlie Brown Christmas Montage by Lois King

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