North Ambergris Caye Birthday Joyride

by tacogirl
fishing belize

These pictures of our Birthday joyride are for my brother Rob who just had his birthday and Cowboy Doug whose is coming up this week. You would have enjoyed our drive Rob, not only did we have good entertainment with Cowboy Doug rockin out to Elvis and Van Harlen, we had great weather a fantastic view on our island style country drive. This post also goes go out to  Emily and Barry because they have traveled the roads in north Ambergris Caye many times on bikes with camera in hand.

It has taken time to even pare down the pictures enough from our Sunday drive to get close to uploading. I decided to spit them in two batches and discovered some new math while doing so, 15 pictures does not equal 4oo yards. That is what Cowboy was claiming for distance from Coco Beach swim up pool bar to Mata Grande Grocery store. It is a good thing the 3 of us cowboy wranglers did not send him wandering off alone to the store or we would not have seen him for a good while as you will see from the pictures below 🙂

north ambergris caye

Birthday joyride

north ambergris caye belize

We were not the only ones out for a Sunday drive

north ambergris caye

I love going down tropical roads less traveled

belize roads

Lots of twists, turns and flower lined roadways

north ambergris caye belize

Love the many natural archways on the road north

beach road

We took a scenic tour and hit the beach road

barrier reef condos

New condo development Residences at Barrier Reef

north ambergris caye

Nice beach front apartment

beaches in belize

Time to get off the beach road and go back to the main road

ambergris caye belize roads

Are we there yet?

condos for sale on ambergris caye

A little while further past Indigo Condominiums

ambergris caye

and down the road

north ambergris caye grocery store

Our destination is in sight

mata grande grocery

Mata Grande Grocery located 4.5 miles north of town

belikin beer

Beach cruiser with soda and Belikin Crates

After restocking on beverages at the store and not wanting to cut short our scenic Sunday drive, we decided to drive a bit further north before heading to Grand Belizean Estates so we could see what kind of progress if any is being made there.

There are a lot more roads than the time Dick Paul and I we went there by boat and we saw a few scattered houses. There seemed to be a big party happening on the lagoon and we were about to go check it out when we realized our tire was low in air. Everyone agreed it was better to get back to Grand Caribe where we had air compressor access if we needed it and so ended our birthday joyride. Of course once we hit the main road and saw we were not riding on the rim, we stopped at Rendezvous and Capricorn for beach bar beverages on our way home. As soon as we got back to GC we all agreed there was no better way to end an Island style Sunday drive then with nap time.

belize flowers

Bright pink bougainvillea

belize plants

Elephant grass

belize roads

Tropical Sunday drive

roads north ambergris caye


belize roads north ambergris caye


roads north ambergris caye

Narrow roads

matachica beize

Rojo Lounge and Matachica sign

belize road

Through another archway and time to turn around

 Grand Belizean Estates

Heading towards Grand Belizean Estates

grand belizean estates

Lots of long roads with very few houses

fishing belize


roads in belize

Lots of long smooth roads

grand belizean estates north ambergris caye

Looks like farm country

grand belizean estates north ambergris caye

Cowboy climbed the tower to see what he could see

cowboy doug

Cowboy hat in the sand

grand belizean estates

Paul and Leisa

grand belizean estates north ambergris caye

Sunday bike ride

rendezvous winery

Stopped at the beach bar on our way home

rendezvous winery  north ambergris caye belize

Ordering a drink from Sandra at Rendezvous

round house north ambergris caye

Love this house


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