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In case you missed it on facebook page, my write up on for fried jacks at Estel’s Dine by the Sea was picked for Insight Guides 8 Best Breakfasts in the World Post. Ever since the day I first tried them, I gave up toast with my standard favorite of bacon, eggs over easy and potatoes.

Click through to TripAdvisor reviews read what other travelers have to say about the world famous breakfast hot spot with a great seaside view.

Where Ever You Go There You Are

Where Ever you Go There You Are

I was engaged in a conversation about how funny it is that tourists and future ex-pats to Belize think that it’s all a laid back, hammock rocking lifestyle. In reality, many of us ex-pats find that we’re even busier than we were back in our home country, especially ones that work and volunteer. With all of the events, fundraisers, and parties that are always going on, most of us are often doing double duty on the hamster wheel between work, fun and helping our community.

For many right now, it is a highly busy period between work, volunteering and special events. As we muddle through being pulled in several directions at once and experiencing another wave of social events it is important to maintain quiet time. Often easier said than done with the length of people’s to-do lists.

I chose the title “Where Ever You Go There You Are” from a book by Jon Kabat-Zinn. It is a great example of making the choice to become an expat before you are ready to retire and any struggles that may come along with it. Work is work no matter where you live and when you live on an island in a country that often gets referred to as the “Wild West” you can bet there will be challenges in balancing work, play and true island-style relaxation.

Jon is a professor of medicine and a renowned researcher in the study of mindfulness-based stress reduction. When you live on an island it is important to have good stress relief techniques other than the bar as that is a place you may end up the most. Personally, music, TV, walks and dock workouts are all part of my relaxation toolkit.

Although life can be busy, for me, moving to Ambergris Caye holds no regrets. The tropical weather makes it worth the work it takes to be here, especially considering that in Toronto yesterday, it was only 33°F (1°C) 😀

Truthfully, though, there are many more things that make Belize Life a pretty good choice; great people. waterfront apartment, cheaper fitness trainers, tasty restaurants and amazing social and natural events just to name a few. Kelly McGuire’s birthday party was another.

 Palapa Bar Birthday Bash

Popular over the water Beach Par in Belize by tacogirl blog San PedroSpeaking of events, Kelly McGuire, our own Island celebrity, (from Texas) was celebrating his Birthday, as he does every year in San Pedro, and raising money for the Saga Humane Society.

I attended the party with my good friend and big Saga supporter, Sandie. It was a gorgeous balmy Monday evening – perfect for enjoying the offshore breeze and great people-watching with a huge crowd at Palapa Bar. McGuire fans and the animal lovers were out in full force right from the start.

We met up with a bunch of friends and our table enjoyed Fresh Snapper Fish Fingers, the Kick Ass Humongous Burger, and the Smokin’ Hot Barb-b-cue Pulled Pork Samich. A few were drinking the Potlicker Punch, that benefited Saga. Yum! Saga volunteers were selling raffle tickets for some great prizes, such as a $250.00 gift certificate to Rojo Lounge, which our friend, Joy luckily won!

Kelly warmed the crowd up with his cool country-Island style songs about Ambergris Caye and loving the Island life. Kelly is also a man with a big heart – he always helps raise funds for one or more of the Island’s charitable causes while he’s here. Last year he did a great series of concerts to help the San Pedro Red Cross Raise Money for Wheel Chairs.

All in all, it was another great night out with friends, chilling to relaxing music, eating great food and doing our part to make this little slice of paradise a better place for animals, and people!

The Palapa Bar continues to be transformed and make new memories since it’s rebuilding after the devastation of Hurricane Earl hit Belize in 2016, with the help of many caring friends and family worldwide. Jody & Scott the owners, know more than ever what it means to get help when you need it and regularly host events to support the community. Monday night was a perfect example!

Just like Kelly, the Palapa Bar is well loved. It is currently rated at 4.5 out of 5 stars with 252 Reviews from Trip Advisor Belize Community and a must do on your trip to Ambergris Caye.

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