Being Genuine

Being Genuine

I recently spent time in the company of a very genuine man and it was refreshing. As my friend Sandie and I listened to Pastor Robert talking I could not help but feel like he answered wishes. We all agree that San Mateo kids really need a hand up to understand and attain all the most basic things that will take them far in life.

We talked about, nutrition, a clean warm soft place to fall when they are tired, good manners and grace, life skills, creative skills, work skills and decent clothing. When opportunity knocks it is important to know how to act for success and look sharp. 

Pastor Robert and his wife Lavern are doing all they can to help the kids grow up to be their best, but it is challenging. Thankfully they are both strong and forward thinking to help them through this tsunami of a task. 

Often I learn something unexpected when going to San Mateo. This time we went with the desire to talk about a feeding program and help kids look good. I took away a desire to contemplate what being genuine means based on the Palacio family and specifically our interaction with Robert Palacio that day.  

Through this effort, it has been fun getting to know Sandie more and discovering our dads are cut from the same cloth – they were both crazy shoppers. We did a great job at the big sale that was held at the Lions Den and scored some really nice kids clothes at a good price. Boys got mostly board shorts and girls got cute casual and warm items. 

I will leave you with a few pics I took the last few days while riding around in my friend’s carts – the Betz-Eisenberg bat mobile and 05. Between the two I made it to barge dock, boat yard and Boca beach road a few times. The weather has been absolutely perfect although some might say it is a little too hot – for Canadian snowbird it is perfect. My only minor complaints would be that lack of rain makes it extra dusty this time of year and Sargasso season is back. 

Boat Yard San Pedro Belize
Tractor pulling a boat
San Pedro Belize
Checking out for sale options
Being Genuine
Beach road at dusk
San Pedro Belize
Building beside Park Place is going up fast
Belize Shopping
Sandie and I scored large in buying kids clothes for San Mateo – great selection and decent price

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