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All You Can Eat Breakfast Buffet at Coco Beach Resort

Yesterday was a day for relaxation and adventure. Cowboy Doug’s birthday is coming up and it was decided that heading for breakfast at Coco Beach was in order to celebrate. Since we were enjoying a slow motion morning, Doug called ahead to make sure they would wait for us and we all stepped up our […]

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Beating the Lunch Hour Slowdown and What Dale Wallace Jr. Can do for you

For the past 2 days my friend Angie and I were running around town trying to beat the lunch hour slowdown. If you get stuck in San Pedro town at the wrong time, you either have to put some errands off until another day or wait until after lunch to get them done. The only […]

Birthday Trivia and a Great Friday

It’s Easter weekend and one of the busiest times of the year. Hotels are booked to capacity, and aside from out of country visitors, many Belizeans head for the coast to get some holiday beach time. The rush started yesterday as many people were arriving and running around town doing last minute errands. This was […]

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What Nina likes about Living in San Pedro

A while back, I gave my junior blog assistant an assignment to send me 7 pictures to visually show what she likes about living in San Pedro, and she recently turned it in. Some of you will remember Nina from her pictures at the Karen Waldrup Benefit Concert for Mama Vilma;’s Family Home at Wet […]

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If Someone Asks You …

I got sidetracked this morning and ended up on expat blog where I found a thought provoking post. As I read an answer from¬† Emily who does Be Belize blog I decided I was going to add my own 5 reasons and blog Julien’s question along with them. To Read Emily’s answers you can visit […]

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Hurricane Ernesto Weakens to Tropical Storm

San Pedro is almost back to normal. Some businesses are still closed and I do not blame them for taking this golden opportunity to take some well deserved time off. It has been a cold wet day perfect for staying at home. Both tacoboy and I agreed if we did not have to go to […]