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Living in Belize

What Nina likes about Living in San Pedro


A while back, I gave my junior blog assistant an assignment to send me 7 pictures to visually show what she likes about living in San Pedro, and she recently turned it in. Some of you will remember Nina from her pictures at the Karen Waldrup Benefit Concert for Mama Vilma;’s Family Home at Wet Willy’s Cantina. You will be seeing more of Nina’s work in the future, now that she has learned to size pictures and use drop box she has a bunch of pics to send me that she has been stock piling 🙂

All the pictures below were taken on the island. Though I did not take ALL of them, I still wanted to share them because they explain the things I like about living here. The pictures they are pretty self-explanatory of what they are, but I wanted to give you a sort of caption of each.


belize boat

Fishing on catamaran NO RUSH…..

living in belize

Best Friend in the whole world, Sasha

san pedro belize

Love the ocean

ambergris caye island

The View from Here

belize flowers

The Hibiscus Flower

frozen custard

Birthday Desert at DandE’s. YUM!

ambergris caye belize

Fun Times with Fun Friends




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  1. Nina Kumar November 28, 2012

    The pier is actually in front of Miramar and the view is from the balcony of the Condo next door.

  2. Larry Good November 28, 2012

    The pier looks like the one at the Holiday Hotel.

  3. tacogirl November 28, 2012

    I agree Rebecca, Nina will make a great blogger.

  4. Rebecca November 27, 2012

    Love it Nina…I’ve been waiting for you to get your own blog. Any day now…


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