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She Would Have Knocked our Socks off

Our date night at last night’s  Benefit concert for Mama Vilma’s Family Home by Karen Waldrup was outstanding. She would have knocked our socks off, if we were wearing any. Our fall weather is just right – still warm enough to wear shorts and a tank top, cool enough to wear jeans but definitely not what I would classify as sock weather.

Enough about San Pedro weather and back to the good stuff.

We arrived at 6:30 so we would not miss the meet and greet, there were a lot of people there already and Karen was making her rounds and chatting with everyone, she had only been there a short time and already knew half the bar by name. Karen Waldrup is a warm and genuine person, it showed in her singing and her interaction with the audience.

She did a great job of encouraging people to fill the tip jar for Mama Vilma’s by playing special requests and sang a mix of great songs all night, she even kicked it old school country with some Conway Twitty. Her voice was strong,  smooth and edgy.

Carbunkle Trumpet was totally on the mark when he said San Pedro was in for a treat. He had no idea how much,  we were also in for a foodie treat with Wet Willy’s baked mack n cheese, real french fries and $5 burgers on sourdough bread. Of course we had to eat all that because we knew Wet Willy’s Cantina was donating 10% of the bar gross to Mama Vilma’s 🙂 I told Leisa last night Wet Willy’s has my vote for best mac n cheese ever, I will qualify that and say in my 45 years of being a junk foodie, I have eaten my fare share. The fries are officially on my craving list, I saw them from across the room and it was love at first sight. Now that I think about it’ they claim best french fries on the island. I did not get to try a $5 burger, since it is a weekly special I know I will be doing that soon.

As I looked around the room,  there were a few more stars shining bright last night, everyone who was / is working so hard to make Mama Vilma’s a reality and  Nina Kumar who took the pictures below, she is one cool kid.

She was helping out at the door [not her first volunteer gig either], when I asked if she would mind taking pictures. Nina jumped at the opportunity and did a great job capturing the moment. Thanks Nina, due to an all day headache, which is still lingering today 🙁 I was not feeling overly sociable or in the right frame of mind for picture taking.

To see more check out Karen Waldrup Puts On An Amazing Show to Raise Money In San Pedro by San Pedro Scoop.

You can also join the fun this Sunday at the Lounge Chair Fundraiser and pool party with Karen Waldrup, Cowboy’s Pool bar and Grill at Grand Caribe Resort. We will continue to raise more money for Mama Vilma’s Family Home.

One thought on “She Would Have Knocked our Socks off

  1. Carbunkle Trumpet says:

    She really is a great performer and it isn’t the traditional country music that you hear. Glad the show was a hit.

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