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Top Ten ways to Stick to Exercise

It has been a while since I have done a tacogirl Top Ten list, I decided Top Ten ways to ways to stick to exercise would be a good one, since I recently got back on the exercise wagon after having fallen off for way to long. I realized after starting aquafit class again that I was still in the danger zone and I needed to put an extra push on for the first while, generate fast results and keep reminding myself the benefits of sticking with it.

1. Start Looking at Exercise Differently.  Give yourself more options, find what works for you, and mix it up with some cross training. Chances are if you like what you are doing to stay in shape you will be able to stick with it longer. I am a big aquafit fan and I balance that with walking and bike riding.

2. Think small, exercise does not have to be a full hour at a gym, take a walk, go for a bike ride,  add regular stretch breaks into your daily routine. You will find these are some of some of your best and easiest opportunities to stay active on a daily basis.

3. Try something different. Many people feel exercise is a chore, try looking for something new or revisit an old favorite for some fun.  Have you ever tried aquafit, body surfing, Chi gong or thought of a night out dancing at the club as exercise? How about switching up your route or exercising at a different time of day? Physical activity doesn’t have to be boring, it is all how you decide to approach it.

4. Set an exercise  schedule and simple goals, it helps to keep you on track. You may not be training for a marathon but it you will definitely be able to think of a few achievable goals like riding your bike up a hill without getting winded. If you have a trainer or exercise teacher, they can help you set goals and friends are great to help keep you motivated to reach them.

5. Exercise is very meditative, use your brain and really pay attention to your body. Focusing on your breath and concentrating on the movement of your body, can help you enjoy exercise more and increase your results.

6. Plan to stay active by making conscious choices in your daily routine. Park farther from your destination, walk to the store instead of driving or grab a friend take that new yoga class you’ve been wanting to try. Many people on the island have been getting hooked on the Yoga Classes at Exotic Caye.

7. Go social, even if you work out well alone. Taking a class or working out in close proximity to other people  can be motivating. Choose places and times to exercise where there will be people who are actively involved in exercise and motivated by similar goals.

8. Get it visual,  use images of your own past successful experiences or someone you think looks great to remind yourself of how good exercise makes you feel. You will be rocking a bikini or board short body before you know it.

9. Face your fitness challenges head on. Fitness obstacles can be overcome when they’ve been identified. Change your exercise style, keep motivated and find new challenges that help you stick with it.

10. If you fall off the wagon, back on it again. As Dorry says in Finding Nemo, “Just keep swimming” I am so glad to be back doing aquafit classes with Eileen, in addition to being a great teacher, she is such a good source of fun and positive energy. Reminder that today is the Lounge Chair fundraiser for Mama Vilma’s Family Home at Cowboy’s pool bar and grill – 12 pm onward.  Local businesses have been stepping up to donate some great raffle prizes – Roadkill Bar, Coco Locos, Wade the Gringo burgers, Wet Willy’s Cantina, DandE’s frozen custard, Mathieus Deli and Picasso Spirits. Mama Vilma’s did a great write up for the pool party –  FUN and FUNdraising continues with Karen Waldrup. Bring a friend or two, come on out and help us raise money for a great cause. For any golf fans out there the Rider Cup playing in TV at the bar.

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4 thoughts on “Top Ten ways to Stick to Exercise

  1. Charlotte says:

    This is so true. Last Sunday I really didn’t feel like going to the gym, so instead I went for a nature hike with family. . This change of routine was not only fun, but motivating.

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