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Beating the Lunch Hour Slowdown and What Dale Wallace Jr. Can do for you

For the past 2 days my friend Angie and I were running around town trying to beat the lunch hour slowdown. If you get stuck in San Pedro town at the wrong time, you either have to put some errands off until another day or wait until after lunch to get them done. The only thing we missed was looking for workout shorts at Wings today by minutes, as you can see by the closed sign below.

wings department store san pedro town
Closed for lunch sign at Wings.

Yesterday Smart, BTL and Coral Cable were our first stops. Since Smart had a long line, we bumped them down a few stops and got the other two done first as they close down for lunch hour. While there we got our new 2014 phone books (the popular mini size ones were out of stock, so we have to wait a couple of weeks to get one). I posted the pic below on tacogirl.com Facebook page and had a few funny comments about still using an old school phone book. While I do tend to use the web based Belize phone book on ambergriscaye.com most of the time, phone books are still handy here due to erratic internet and power outs.

belize phone book from belize telemedia
Love the cover of the new 2014 Belize phone book.

Next stop was to see Delito, aka Dale Wallace Jr. Many of you know him as the fantastic drummer in Fido’s house band, but he is also owner of Grease and Shine Golf Cart Maintenance Service Shop. Angie wanted to see if he had had time to fix the light in her cart. While he was assessing what was wrong with the current switch, we got to watch Dale pass on his knowledge by teaching his nephews about golf cart mechanics.

red club cart
Delito’s nephews learning how to do golf cart mechanics.

Since we had to go buy a whole new switch, we decided on a pit stop at My Secret Deli and put in a lunch order on our way to Captain Sharks. It was busy enough there that we had time to go and come back.

san pedro restaurant
Lunch at My Secret Deli.

I love window shopping at Captain Sharks, they have so much cool stuff to look at and they always have a great selection of First Aid kits in all shapes and sizes.

captain sharks belize
Great first aid kit selection at Captain Sharks.

If you cannot find fresh sardines for bait, you can almost always find frozen ones at Sharks.

fisning in belize
Bait freezer.

By the time we were done shopping, our $18 Shrimp quesadilla with a side of rice and mashed potatoes was ready. We were both so hungry that I did not stop to take food pics before we devoured it; Angie also got a $10 pork chop for dinner.

belize restaurant
By the time we were done at Captain Sharks our lunch at My Secret Deli was ready.

After lunch it was back to Dale’s shop, before he could put the new switch in he asked for a small favor. He needed us to convoy down to George’s Kitchen so he could deliver the red cart in the picture above back to it’s owners, and have a ride back to his shop. When we got back it only took 5 minutes to put the new switch in and screw the dashboard back on.

san pedro belize belize mechanic
Dale installing new light switch
captain sharks marine store san pedro
New round switch from Captain Sharks
san juan belize
Grease and Shine Golf Cart Maintenance & Service Shop in San Juan

In my CD eating fungus in Belize and how to save your cart from salt post I mentioned finding a power washer if you are not into washing your own cart. That is one of the things Dale can do for you and your cart, as well as a wide range of services listed on his sign below. If you need a golf cart mechanic you can call Dale at 628-5563. His shop is located just north of town on Deer Street in the San Juan subdivision by Lupita’s Boutique.

dale wallace junior san pedro belize
Dale’s mechanic shop in San Juan.
dale wallace junior belize
Dale and Angie.

On our way home yesterday, Angie decided to stop for $10 a glass wine day, and ended up finding some nice bottles on special at Wine De Vine. I was pleased to find they had a full stock of gluten free crackers and the price was only $1 more than Super Buy, but I was done for the day and did not feel like shopping.

Unable to shake my cracker craving, today it was me who got us to stop at Wine De Vine. While there I ended up impulse shopping for hard salami and Swiss cheese – sandwich night at the taco shack. Next, we stopped at the Baker for bread, and Emily was there. She is always so nice and friendly, as is her husband Ken.

One last stop, we decided to celebrate a nice, hot sunny day with lunch in air conditioning at El Divino. Angie, already having got cheap take out from Brianna’s on Back Street in town, just opted for a basket of fries. I ordered their $24 BZD London Broil, served with mashed potatoes smothered with caramelized onions. It was delicious and well worth the price – again, I was too much of a hungry monkey to take a picture and inhaled my lunch. I will have to go back for a do-over and get a picture next time.

win de vine san pedro belize
$10 a glass Wine special on Tuesday afternoons.
belize shopping
Yummy deli platter at Wine De Vine.
sunset picture san pablo belize
Sunset from our veranda in San Pablo.

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