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Hurricane Ernesto Weakens to Tropical Storm

San Pedro is almost back to normal. Some businesses are still closed and I do not blame them for taking this golden opportunity to take some well deserved time off. It has been a cold wet day perfect for staying at home. Both tacoboy and I agreed if we did not have to go to work we could have easily slept in.

Please keep in mind that my post below is late, I was blogging at 6:30 this morning from my phone while at the NEMO meeting but can only save to draft in my wordpress app when there is no internet. I just got home and finally finished editing my pictures, I will get this posted and then I am so ready for a cat nap.

Belize is still under tropical storm warning watch but it will not be long before we get the all clear. [happened around 10:15 am]

Overall it has been a cold wet day, the sea spray at reef was up to 25 ft25 ft and we have had  light to moderate rain.  No power loss that I know of and there were no major damages reported so far.

During last couple hours, the eye of the storm has grown smaller and the  cloud tops are warming. Hurricane Ernesto is back to tropical storm status and will continue to weaken. We will Rain for next 10-12h.

Here is a good update from Dr. Jeff Masters WunderBlog – Ernesto is tropical storm again, after making landfall Tuesday night at 11 pm EDT just north of the Belize/Mexico border as a Category 1 hurricane with 85 mph winds. We have few good weather observations near the landfall location, though an automated weather station on Banco Chinchorro Island just off the coast of Mexico reported a minimum pressure of 979.4 mb. A personal weather station at the Margarita del Sol Costa Maya Resort recorded sustained winds of 42 mph, gusting to 49 mph, and a pressure of 988 mb in the west eye-wall of Ernesto before the station failed.

Unfortunately we have a new one to watch, Invest 92L one week away. Most of the tracks are showing we will not be in it’s path but I did see one showing it was tracking similar to Ernesto, it is still to early to tell but worth keeping an eye on.

We split into groups soon and each one  covered a different area of the island to do a rapid assessment and take pictures. While we were out doing that I snapped a couple for you, there were lots of yellow raincoats out and about. As I was taking pictures of the frogs and tadpoles,  I felt like a 5 year old playing in the puddles ha ha. Next time I will get my good camera out and see if I can get even better frog shots.


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