Food in Belize

Where to Get a $5 Salad and 3 International Adoptions

While we do have good agriculture, healthy food in Belize can sometimes be tricky. It can be a common thing for both locals and tourists to feel shorted on vegetables when eating out at fast food places on Ambergris Caye. Today I am here to help solve that dilemma, bringing great news of a $5 […]

birds of belize

Why do You Think This Baby Yucatan Parrot is Smiling?

I find today’s guest post from Coleen Creeden very timely, as I have been working with SAGA and Facebook friends to help complete the San Pedro Belize Red Cross master emergency contact list by including more animal emergency resources. Thankfully Coleen and Rick are very environmentally friendly, well-informed animal lovers. They knew what to look […]

belize animals

Dr Dolittle and our Part Time Pets

Many of you will remember Dr. Dolittle from childhood days and later the 1988 movie starring Eddie Murphy. The good doctor was known for being able to communicate with the animals. Recently, my neighbor Barb earned that nickname when she started getting a range of Belize Animals near our house to fall in love with her […]

miriam boucher belize

Crocodile Communication and Belize Conservation

Over the course of my 9 years living in Belize, I have crossed paths with many interesting people from afar. This post is about one of them. A crocodile research intern who was in Belize last year. ACES and the helping hand I met Miriam in September 2014. I had offered to host a small […]