Food in Belize

Where to Get a $5 Salad and 3 International Adoptions

While we do have good agriculture, healthy food in Belize can sometimes be tricky. It can be a common thing for both locals and tourists to feel shorted on vegetables when eating out at fast food places on Ambergris Caye. Today I am here to help solve that dilemma, bringing great news of a $5 salad with two choices available. I have been getting them for a while now and I would say totally they’re worth it.

In addition to a lettuce based salad and slaw, Tortilleria Feliz also sell a $5 portion of lightly cooked vegetables. They have take-out only and a lunchtime thing. You will find them on backstreet right beside Waruguma Restaurant (across the street and just north of Super Buy Grocery.) The Tortilleria is also well known for it’s Rotisserie chicken. You can get a whole one for $20 BZD and a half for $10 BZD. It comes with corn tortillas and salsa – I often use the salsa to make bruschetta.

Food in Belize
Tortilleria Feliz – Rotisserie chicken cabinet at the front and salads at the back cash

International Adoptions from Belize

I received a note from Dawn L of Saga Humane Society letting me know that three dogs were going to be sent on a journey. Two to the US and one to Canada (and that the day before one had gone to Lexington Kentucky).

I know the lengths that Saga goes through to help get dogs internationally adopted to animal loving families.


I met them at the Tropic Air Terminal in San Pedro. Tiger was sitting there being ever so quiet but immediately stood up and came to me, tail wagging. I asked Dawn to tell me her story.

Tiger was found near Captain Morgan’s by mom and daughter (Tish and Crimson) who were here on vacation.
She was really skinny, sick and could hardly stand up. The ladies contacted Saga and Tiger was picked up by Noemi and Omar of the Humane Society. No one had been caring for or feeding her so Saga fed her and got her healthy. The ladies tracked her progress from off island for two months, checking weekly on her progress, paid for any treatment needed, and adopted her. Tiger departed on the 08:00 flight bound for Spokane Washington.

Dawn & Tiger
saga humane society
Passengers that came over to say hello
One last sniff of San Pedro
saga humane society
Tiger in Kennel – Although her head was down, her ears were up so she definitely wasn’t afraid


Short for Coconut, Coco got his name due the way he tears apart coconuts (and apparently sounds like the Bugs Bunny character, “Tasmanian devil” when he does it).

Visitors, Cathy and Derek from Howard City Michigan who were staying at Tiara Del Sol, were walking the beach and laid in a beach hammock for a break. Coco walked up to them, his ears flapping the wind, immediately managed to get them to say “Oh, I guess we have a puppy”. Coco spent the next 4 or 5 days with them; his favorite restaurant is Island Time, and he loves “Sunday Beach Fun” at Caribbean Villas. Dawn says he’s going to get big but Cathy and Derek already have a Newfoundland so he’ll fit in just fine. There was no time wasted getting the arrangements made for Coco to fly out (2 days after the owners departure)… and it’s a good thing because Derek had a hard time leaving his little “Buddy”.

Big Thank you to Tropic Air Terminal for letting me go out to the tarmac and take the pics. Also to the ground crew for caring for the dogs so well, the pilots for getting the puppies safely to Belize City and for turning the A/C on immediately upon them getting aboard the aircraft (just before the “people” passengers or pax as they are called in the airline industry).

Saga Humane Society Belize
Coco outside Terminal
Saga Humane Society
Coco in the Terminal
Tropic Air Belize
Coco boarding the island hopper


This little girl was delayed until yesterday March 16. I had so much fun seeing Tiger and Coco off, I could not resist going back to see Amber off as well. She’s heading to Vancouver by plane but will be living in Victoria British Columbia, Canada with Terri and Toby.
Amber didn’t get on the 08:00 flight so unfortunately I had to leave and didn’t actually see her off, but did get a couple of pics for you.

Saga Belize
Amber and a new friend
 Humane Society Belize
Amber waiting patiently

Dog in Action

I will leave you with a dog video I recently took of my friend Jack – he owns a vacation rental. He is also a well known musician and runs two Palapa Bar music nights. This well tempered doberman was super smart and quickly took to playing pick a hand game with Jack.

6 thoughts on “Where to Get a $5 Salad and 3 International Adoptions

  1. tacogirl says:

    Great you survived the wind and are planning a next trip Buck. Smoother southern road would be nice, I have a couple of friends in the 5 mile range that would appreciate it.

  2. Carol Fiedler says:

    It was wonderful seeing the dogs get adopted. I hope the black dog, Tyson, is getting along ok.

  3. Buck says:

    We really enjoyed our stay Mar 5 – Mar 12. Stayed at Cariibe Island Resort.
    The wind was not so enjoyable but in west Texas we have wind too.
    The island is just right but we noticed a lot of expansion.
    The road south needs concrete or stones.
    We planning next year already.

  4. Emily says:

    Sweet stories about the dog adoptions! Thanks for sharing and to the wonderful people who helped out the needy and adorable island dogs.

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