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12 Mile Drive North On Ambergris Caye

As promised on the facebook page, here are the north of Ambergris Caye Sargasso highway pictures. This was one of the craziest stretches of road we were on, the other was the super narrow beach way. We also hit many stinky areas, depending on what state of decay and how much Sargasso was there. […]

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Battle of the Best Beaches Ambergris, Placencia and Roatan

Ambergris vs. Roatan vs. Placencia Best Beaches Comparison by Laura Diffendal Recently, West Bay Beach on the island of Roatan, Honduras, was rated one of the best beaches in the world by TripAdvisor, congrats!! Having been on this beach, as well as the beaches of Ambergris Caye and Placencia, I wanted to do a comparison […]

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Time at one of my favorite beaches in Belize

When someone asks you to help schlep stuff  and it involves a boat ride, that makes it a no brainier.  As was the case with Lara last week, she needed extra hands to help move things around to be photographed for Lemon Crush Design Studio, her new wedding design, event rental and tropical chachka store. […]

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Loving the beach view at Sea Horse Lounge, 3 big screen tv’s and the company

While in at Chon Saan Palace in Belize City I bought a box of fortune cookies. The cookies were very stale but the fortunes still made it worth my $5. Yesterday’s fortune cookie message was a god one – Share your happiness with others today. That is just¬† what I decided to do by hooking […]

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A twinkle gleams in your eye

The poem below was written by Angela in honer of her short time roommate Kristy Lynn who recently passed. If you are out at a beach bar today please raise your glass to Kristy Lynn, she loved walking on the beach, it gave her some small bit of peace during a very difficult time. A good […]