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A twinkle gleams in your eye

The poem below was written by Angela in honer of her short time roommate Kristy Lynn who recently passed. If you are out at a beach bar today please raise your glass to Kristy Lynn, she loved walking on the beach, it gave her some small bit of peace during a very difficult time.

A good place to toast her is Live Rock and Roll 2pm – 5pm at the pool bar at Grand Caribe $5bzd local rum and $4bzd 10 oz beers. See  invite and guest list on  Cowboy’s Pool bar and Grill facebook invite. I also heard there  a kite making contest at 9:30am but could not find any info Crazy Canuck’s beach bar facebook page and Google turned up my 2009 kite contest at Crazy Canuck’s post and that the event is happening this morning in Belize City. It’s still worth stopping by this morning to enjoy some beach action and raise your glass to Kristy.

Miss Kristy,

A firefly passes by
A twinkle gleams in your eye
The palm trees sway to and thro
The crickets sing the perfect note
The stars are shining oh so bright
And nature brings a perfect night
With Gods great gifts
Life passes by
For us to see with our own eyes
It’s such a blessing
That it brings
And all things happen
Just for being

May you rest in peace Kristy Lynn
I Love You

belize beaches
So peaceful

2 thoughts on “A twinkle gleams in your eye

  1. Charlotte Longsworth says:

    So moving and sad. The pictures look very peaceful. Did Kristy live on the island for a long while? Sorry to hear about your loss. My thoughts are with you and her roommate.

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