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Green Tips and a Water Taxi Ride North to a Waterfront Resort

Most commonly found in the fridge, baking soda has been a household staple for almost 200 years. It makes a simple environmentally friendly alternative to chemical cleansers and beauty products. I have been using it for a long time for both house and beauty. So has blogger Carrie of Letters to my friends back home and she has got Romantic Travel Belize Lara using it too – we all believe in protecting the reef in whatever way we can.

Cleaning: Baking soda is great when it comes to cleaning and known for its effectiveness in fighting odours. Aside from using it to keep your fridge fresh,  it can also be sprinkled in the bottom of your kitchen garbage. You can also use it to unclog blocked or sluggish drains. Pour some baking soda down the drain followed by a cup of vinegar which will give it some volcano action and let it sit for 20min or so.

Beauty and Personal care: Baking soda makes a perfect addition or replacement for many products in your beauty routine. It can be used on sunburn, insect bites, for face and body scrub. I am testing out using it before shampooing and will let you know how that works. I can say for sure it made my arms and legs softer after using it for shaving and body scrub.

Other uses: Just fill a large bowl water and a tablespoon or two of baking soda and give your veggies a quick environmentally friendly soak to clean the dirt off. Baking soda is also a drying agent and can remove excess moisture from your cupboards and wardrobe by using it like a Desiccant.

Easy way to use it: I fill empty spice containers with baking soda and have them in the kitchen and both bathrooms. I also filled a spray bottle with baking soda and water and keep the vinegar separate for extra cleaning muscle, this helps avoid the volcano effect until you are ready for it.

Not bad for roughly $2.75 BZD a box.

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So many uses for baking soda around the house

Now onto the waterfront resort part. I am meeting Miranda at Coastal Xpress for 12:15 pm and heading on a boat adventure north. I did this trip by cart once below is a picture – was a super fun drive. You will have to wait till tomorrow to see where we ended up 🙂

The Minnesota Musicians that played yesterday at Cowboy’s pool bar and grill were so good they are going to be at Banana Beach tonight at 5:00 pm for a few hours – worth checking out especially since it’s Martini Monday and happy hour starts at 4:00 pm.

north ambergris caye
Driving north


2 thoughts on “Green Tips and a Water Taxi Ride North to a Waterfront Resort

  1. Miranda says:

    Thanks for the company Monday, Laurie. I had a great day.
    My husband in NY kind of wonders if I am doing shady things down here by myself,mso it was great when he emailed me that I was on you’re blog!

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