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Daydreaming of X’tan Ha

It is fricken freezing today, so cold that tacoboy had to go get the aloe vera for my home spa time or I would have chickened out of eventually getting wet. My mind is drawn back to the last warm day we had before this cold front hit, Monday and our trip up north to X’tan Ha Waterfront Resort. Pronounced Ishtan Ha and meaning the waterfront, it is a stylish, colorful, tropical beach resort that is 7.2 miles north of town. It was hot and sunny and perfect boat ride weather. I met Miranda for the first time in person at Coastal Xpress dock and we caught the 11:30 boat heading North. It took us 40 min or so to travel time on the water taxi, we made a few stops along the way. I had been there before when it was Belize Legacy but not by boat and I was wondering if I would easily recognize it from the water. As soon as we got close the bright colors popped against the dark chocolate wood and I knew that was the spot. We were right on time to meet Michelle who had a couple of my ebay purchases with her, a short stem acrylic martini glass and a used green iPod 2nd gen in great condition, I was happy to get an extra gig of music and a new iced coffee cup. After we ordered shrimp bites and quesadillas, Michelle offered us a gave us a tour of the property which has 32 beach front rentals and 12 cassitas. I need to backtrack a bit I first met Michelle Gerbozy at Roadkill trivia night back in May 2011. She was telling tacoboy an I about her investment up north and how she was not feeling so good about the condition of the place and was really hoping to be able to see it restored to it’s former beauty. This was her return trip to the island to show her husband Scott how good their investment was looking. I could tell by the relaxed, happy “Life is Good” look on his face and the size of the barbecue pork-chop on his plate that he was happy with their Ambergris Caye real estate purchase. Always trust a Penland to turn things a round and give a proper style makeover from head to tow. After 6 months of being boarded up it took 25 men 5 months to repair, replace and repaint. Doug Penland took a tired worn place and gave it the tlc it needed, created a colorful tropical getaway and something special.

Tom Sather an Eye Doctor from Bozeman Montana and Michelle also had a big hand in executing the vision. Oliver and Della who run the resort also need a mention. They are friendly welcoming folks who are pitting their heart and soul into making X’tan Ha Resort a great place and it shows. While there we saw people eating at the restaurant, enjoying the great stretch of beach, using the paddle boat and having fun on the water trampoline. Next time I go I want to try standup paddle boarding and see if I can do it without falling over. Whether you are just popping up to the beach bar for a fun days adventure or looking for a full out Island style getaway, X’tan Ha is a must do on your North Ambergris Caye to do list.

4 thoughts on “Daydreaming of X’tan Ha

  1. tacogirl says:

    Most resorts do not mine if you buy a drink and or food at their place that you can enjoy their beach. X’tan Ha is a good example they do not mine people taking water taxi and hanging out there. Caribbean Villas encourages people to come to their Beach bar (Amber) on Sundays and has a DJ and lots of good water sports action to watch. Yesterday we saw the Belize sailing school practicing and some very cool kite surfers doing tricks.

  2. Rebecca says:

    New to AC…are the beaches to the resort open to anyone? Can I just show up for the day, have some lunch and enjoy the beach and the resort won’t mind?

  3. tacogirl says:

    Too funny Brent. It warmed up here fast and after I got dome my meeting, I found I was way overdressed and did not need to have brought a jacket or wear long pants 🙂

  4. Brent says:

    HA~ we are having a friking heatwave here in Helena, Montana… seriously~ 54 degrees right now. It hit 61 yesterday. Still some snow down low, 4,200 feet above sea level, but people are breaking out the shorts. just saw a guy jogging by the capitol in short shorts and a tank top. see you soon:) Brent

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