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Easter Funday

This morning I told Paul the Easter bunny did not find me, but I was wrong. The bunny was just on Belize time – she and her helper turned up with 5 pairs of sandals in all colors and 1 pair of runners.


Colorful Easter shoes

You know there’s more to come, so stay tuned…

I have so many pictures to edit. Kite competition was way too much fun – so much that we couldn’t leave. We still managed to make it to 3 of the 4 parties we were invited to.

Huge round of applause to Eiden and Moose for creating this annual kite competition.
Congratulations to all the kite makers – you did a great job.
Thanks to all the businesses who donated prizes.

Shout out to Chloe from Moose and I – you were the first one to officially introduce us.



Moose and Eiden overseeing the competition.



Last stop was at Sharon’s. As you can see, the party was definitely not over.

2 thoughts on “Easter Funday

  1. rump shaker says:

    omg does moose live on the canal?if so i met him the first time i was there and he told me a story about his pet conch,appropriately named “conch”,which someone took off the leash,and probably ate him.awwwwwww!

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