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Living in Belize

Time at one of my favorite beaches in Belize


When someone asks you to help schlep stuff  and it involves a boat ride, that makes it a no brainier.  As was the case with Lara last week, she needed extra hands to help move things around to be photographed for Lemon Crush Design Studio, her new wedding design, event rental and tropical chachka store.

We all met up in town at Vilma Linda plaza to rifle through her studio and pull out things that would be good to photograph and started schlepping everything to the Seaduced boat that was parked at the dock in town by Ruby’s Hotel. With 6 girls we had the boat loaded and were heading off towards our destination fairly quickly. We headed north, cut through the lagoon side and traveled up the back of the island for about 15 minutes or so to one of our favorite spots.

Most people will tell you Belize is not known for it’s beautiful beaches. While they may not be pristine soft white sand that some people prefer, we have some really great Gilligan’s Island spots accessible only by boat. It was one of these that Lara had chosen for her photo shoot. Understandably so as the clear shallow water stretches on forever and the area is peaceful, heavenly and adventurous all at the same time.

Several years back when we were in the same area, I found a Maya axe head in perfect condition. I handed it over to Jan Brown and it made the Marco Gonzalez calendar. None of us found any treasures that day but we all had a fantastic time, I always enjoy seeing peoples reactions the first time they get to go there and experience that part of the island.

seaduced by belize boat

Mary, Tanya and Marsha all ready for a boat adventure

ambergris caye

Heading to the back side of the island

mangrove canal ambergris caye

Mangroves in the canal and no wake zone

ambergris caye belize

Seaduced by Belize boat

As temperatures drop for many of you, these next couple of pics are great for Belize vacation dreaming about swimming in the warm Caribbean Sea and enjoying a secluded beach adventure.

ambergris caye

Endless clear shallow water

belize beaches

Mary and I took a walk to find driftwood for pictures

belize weddings

Trip to the backside of Ambergris Caye so Lara could get her wedding things photographed by Marsha

ambergris caye island

Mary schlepping stuff from the boat to the one of picture taking areas

destination wedding belize

Say I do in Belize

amberris caye belize

Tanya schlepping a kissing ball

belize boat

The boat looked like a housewares department exploded all over it

belize bride

Bedazzled bridal snorkel mask

best beaches in belize

Relaxation break

belize island

Scouting out a new location far across the shallows

ambergris caye belize

Mary and Tanya coming to check out the next potential location

belize orchid

Orchid growing out of a termite nest

ambergris caye beaches

Shallow clear water forever

best beaches in belize

Love exploring the beaches on the back side of the island

belize beaches

Water was gorgeous

ambergris caye island

Back side of Ambergris Caye

boat in belize

Lemon Crush Design Studio stuff explosion on the boat

belize beach

Hand painted signs for your wedding or special event


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  1. Marcia October 1, 2013

    Please know that Lara is one of the most AVID supporters of locals, and has lived there for 8 years, becoming a local herself. Her business BROUGHT JOBS for locals, and continues to support the local economy.
    She works in voluntourism, volunteers herself, and is a huge HUGE benefit to the island.
    I think everyone that knows her will vouch for this.

  2. tacogirl October 1, 2013

    Thanks Charlotte. Hopefully there will always be unspoiled non hotel lined beaches in the world.

  3. tacogirl October 1, 2013

    Some maybe doing that Simon in buying existing businesses for sale. Some do come here with the intention to do something good in their new home and start something up something that is not being done already that also helps the local economy. As Lara always says a rising tide raises all boats and she lives by that philosophy too.

  4. Simon September 30, 2013

    It’s a pity that more and more tourist are moving to Belize and start creating businesses only to take away the already little business that locals have.

  5. Charlotte September 30, 2013

    Beautiful photos. I think the beaches in Belize offer a very unspoiled and rustic feel, a flavor that a lot of beaches elsewhere are missing. These elements of hotel lined beaches tend to take away from natural beauty. Reminds me that all too soon the beautiful beaches and undiscovered coves of the Mayan Rivera will unfortunately start to look like Cancun.


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