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Dinner and a movie at El Divino

As always you never know who will show at an event, we ended up with a lively table of 11 people and enjoyed a nice dinner together last Wednesday night and some very funny and all over the map conversations. We talked about everything from Boa Constrictors reptiles and giant bugs to what brought people to Belize and how they made their move.

When it came time to set up the movie AV girl Mary had brought her DVD player and we found out that the plug would not work. We thought it was European but later found out it is just a strange plug that goes directly into a matching TV. My quick plan b was call Tacoboy to see if he could  bring ours down. He paused sports, got up off the couch, delivered our DVD player within in 15 minutes and earned some brownie points 🙂

The final movie decision thanks to Cindy and Andy’s recommendation was he movie Hysteria. A mischievously inspired romantic comedy set at the end of the 19th century, the film depicting the invention of the vibrator. We all gave it two thumbs up and lots of laughs, it was the perfect movie choice.

el divino restaurant san pedro belize
11 of us enjoyed a nice dinner together
el divino restaurant at banana beach
Shrimp quesadillas
el divino  restaurant banana beach resort
Dinner and a movie
banana beach
Getting ready for the movie in the lounge
banana beach resort
Tacoboy took our picture before the movie

Let me back track a bit. We had planned an overnight getaway off the island but due to the rain we were having, Mary and I decided if we are going to be rained in a hotel room why not overnight somewhere that made more sense. So we picked Banana Beach and decided to make a last minute party of it and do Dinner and a movie at El Divino. It also came in handy to stay there as we were both able to schedule daytime meetings at the restaurant.

When our work was done we were very ready for lunch, I had a bistro burger and fries and Mary had ceviche. We were hoping to get a bit more down time before before dinner but time got away from us and before we knew it, it was time to head back  to El Divino and meet everyone you saw in the pictures above.

After the movie,  we were waiting with  Beth for her cab to show up, Mary and I decided to play around with our cameras and practice a few night time shots I also got sunrise and she took the daytime pool pic after we had breakfast and on the way to our mid morning  nap. We both agreed that was one of the most relaxing naps ever. We were out like lights for 2h and both could have kept right on sleeping. Sadly our mini vacation had come to an end it was time to check out and head back home.

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