belize celebrations

Celebrating 32 years – San Pedro Belize Independence Day Parade

Every year on September 21st  individuals, groups, and businesses decorate themselves and their golf carts and parade through town. This year we were  celebrating 32 years in the annual San Pedro Belize Independence Day Parade. As always the parade kicked off with a loud siren and the Police and fire department leading the way. The paraders were very lively with brightly colored costumes and  great music. They drove or danced along waving flags, throwing candy to the kids.

There were less people this year and I have heard some mixed reviews, not everyone cared for it. I liked the parade, you could tell everyone  put a lot of effort into their costumes. The music was just  right and I loved peoples song choices the first pass. A little shorter was ok but hopefully it does not become too short.

Due to the number of pics I ended up with I decided to post a few large size ones, a small photo gallery and the rest of my parade pictures you can find on facebook page photo album.

belize celebrations
I miss living on the Parade route
miss san pedro belize 2013
Miss San Pedro looking very regal
independence day parade san pedro belize
independence day parade
First thing I thought with this religious handout was…I will have friends in both places 🙂
september celebrations belize
32 years young
independence day parade san pedro
Getting awesome parade footage
belize celebration
Walking off a leg cramp at the end of the parade

If you want to enjoy a unique cultural experience and some really  good parties, September in Belize is a great opportunity to do so. Belizeans and those of us who have chosen to make this wonderful country our home celebrate its history, culture, and people. Mark your 2014 Belize travel calendar. The next big party coming up is October and Halloween, still time to grab a costume book yourself a last-minute ticket for that. A bunch of us always do an unofficial Halloween crawl and have a super fun time 🙂

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