Intercepted by facebook the Commodore and Blue Water Grill

I was just getting  ready to start my Jump Up San Pedro video when Commodore  Andy popped  me on facebook and got me instantly focused from one direction to a completely different one. After all it is Sunday and I have been working since 7:00am so lunch at Blue Water Grill is definitely a good reason to allow myself to get intercepted.

Facebook messenger conversation with the commodore that that led to getting intercepted 🙂

Andy – Fancy lunch at BWG at 12:00pm?
Me – Fancy lunch for anything special? Paul doing football at Lola’s or Pedro’s I might be interested if I can get enough work in before then
Andy – It’s Sunday and I’m hungry. Jackie and Adam are coming along with Forrest.  Bring some more
Me – Any chance you guys can come grab me?
Andy – I’m sure we can.  Invite some folks
Me – ok will ask Mary
Andy – The more the merrier

Big Shout Out to all the parade dancers who were jumping up just as hard at the end of the second pass down front street as they were at the start.

If you love parties and parades, September 21st is definitely a must do for your Belize Travel calendar. For those of you that wanted to be here but could not here is the full 2013 independence day parade through San Pedro Town.

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