Loving the beach view at Sea Horse Lounge, 3 big screen tv’s and the company

by tacogirl
bais in belize

While in at Chon Saan Palace in Belize City I bought a box of fortune cookies. The cookies were very stale but the fortunes still made it worth my $5. Yesterday’s fortune cookie message was a god one – Share your happiness with others today.

That is just  what I decided to do by hooking up with the Sailing Club to watch the America’s Cup on tv at Sea Horse Lounge. The lounge is located at Coconuts Hotel. We were all  very pleased when  the meat pie man turned up, I was not pleased when mine exploded all over me 🙂

Thankfully I was wearing an easy to clean top and Marge hooked me up with a cleaning cloth.  After witnessing what happened to me she opted to adapt a new meat pie eating pose and bent over to eat hers, that way if it went grenade like on her it would end up on the floor and not her pretty blue dress.

If you are looking for fun bar with 3 big screen tv’s and fantastic beach view then look no further than the Sea Horse Lounge at Coconuts Hotel. We had a super fun time and Margie is such a great bartender she made the San Pedro Sailing club and their friends feel very welcome.

belize bars

Everyone was quite happy when the meat pie man came to the bar

watching america's cup at the  seahorse lounge belize

Watching America’s Cup at the Seahorse Lounge

san pedro sailing club belize

San Pedro Sailing club and friends

belize beaches

Fantastic view from the bar

belize beach hammock

Sunday afternoon hammock time

belize bars

Enjoyed people watching from my bar stool

coconuts hotel san pedro belize

Friends enjoying the swimming pool at Coconut’s Hotel

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