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My morning drive aka bumpity bump bump

Since Dick  has been working afternoon shift at Tropic Air it has put a hold on our sunrise joyrides. While I did not quite make it out of the house for sunrise today, I did manage to take a break from work and go for a morning rainy day drive down south. My first stop was the crock pond but it was too waterlogged to park our usual spot.

crocodiles in belize
Flooded out croc pond
south ambergris caye belize
The water level was much higher than normal

I was in the mood to find a road less traveled and continued south. As soon as I got off the cobblestones, it started to get bumpy but that did not deter me. I figured as long as the ‘ road lakes’ were not too bad I would keep going. It is always a scenic drive and today it was particularly nice with the rain having washed all the dust away leaving me with a lush green tropical view.

island life
I love how lush and green the island gets after a good rain

It was not long before I found my road and headed east. When I got to the end I found the view I was craving. Unfortunately, I could not stay long as I had to get the cart back to tacoboy so he could get to work, otherwise, I would have enjoyed quietly sitting there watching boats and clouds pass by.

the road less traveled belize
Today’s Road Less Traveled
belize roads
View at the end of my road less traveled
ambergris caye belize weather
Sky was dark to the north

I was making good time on my way home and managed to navigate the biggest puddle and not fall in. Right before I got to the cobblestone road a pick up truck with a warbling front wheel was in front of me and set me on Belize time. I kept my distance and I was thankful the wheel did not come off, surprising there are not more accidents here with all the craziness we see on the roads.

belize boat
Boat I saw parked on the lagoon side on my way home
roads in belize
I managed not to drive off the cliff and into the puddle it was a tight squeeze
belize rainy season
This was the worst puddle I encountered on my drive, not from size but depth

When I got home parked the cart I noticed blue beads in the passenger side glove box. They  are perfect match for my Independence Day parade outfit. I tried it on for tacoboy  the other day and definitely got his seal of approval, you will have to wait for parade day to see it 🙂 Sept 21st is almost as much fun as Halloween.

independence day parade
I found part of my parade costume in the passenger glove box

2 thoughts on “My morning drive aka bumpity bump bump

  1. Dr Al says:

    The wheel was not warbling. def…”To sing (a note or song, for example) with trills, runs, or other melodic embellishments.”
    1. To sing with trills, runs, or quavers.
    2. To be sounded in a trilling or quavering manner.
    Such as a warbling vireo or chestnut sided warbler. Unless you were bird watching.

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