Halloween Bar Crawl 2017

Halloween Bar Crawl and my “Holy Crap” Scary Moment

Crazy Canucks, Sandy Toes and Legends Roadhouse all made nice additions to the party circuit this year. Although that made it more challenging for endurance and extra costume planning. Thankfully I have a small manageable collection. This year I went ultra simple and added a ghost dress and a kitty cat. Crazy Canucks Beach Bar […]

Belize Tourism Board

Palapa Papas Surprise and My First Ad with Belize Tourism Board

As I write this I am sipping my big Easter chocolate treat iced coffee with Noah’s Boah’s Chocolate Syrup on top. If you have not tried it yet I highly recommend. At $12 a bottle, it blows the regular chocolate syrups out of the water. Very rich flavor and simply delicious and made locally with […]

Ecologic Divers, plays Minute to Win it at Roadkill Bar Belize

The Competition was Stiff and the Video Footage Funny

Minute to Win It for Charity at Roadkill Bar is growing popular fast. A big crowd came out to support Monday night’s charity the Belize Red Cross San Pedro Branch. How it Works Over the course of the night, contestants compete in seemingly simple challenges, based on the hit TV show. Using everyday items to […]

San Pedro Town

Boca Poca and Tasty Taco Pizza

The first Boca Poca Fun Run raised a total of $673 for the San Pedro Food Bank. The event started at 1:00 pm and the first restaurant/bar was Nook Restaurant and Cocktail Bartique. This is a nice spot in town, to enjoy a cocktail on the beach. After we had all signed in and paid […]

Volunteer in Belize

Two Great Fundraisers and Two After Parties – tacogirl food Listable

It has been one of those times where the events are non-stop back to back. I barely had time to catch my breath after the weekend crawl (4 parties in 3 days and then some) and it was off to the races again with two fundraisers and two after parties (one planned and one unplanned) […]

Belize Party

Weekend Event Crawl

Four out of five scheduled events happened this weekend so it still qualifies as a crawl 🙂 The only one to get cancelled due to weather was, unfortunately, the San Pedro House of Culture concert. Oddly enough the weather had been super all day. Not like Shirlee’s birthday boat party on the Infinity catamaran which […]