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Palapa Papas Surprise and My First Ad with Belize Tourism Board

As I write this I am sipping my big Easter chocolate treat iced coffee with Noah’s Boah’s Chocolate Syrup on top. If you have not tried it yet I highly recommend. At $12 a bottle, it blows the regular chocolate syrups out of the water. Very rich flavor and simply delicious and made locally with all natural organic ingredients: sugar, water, cold pressed organic cocoa powder, vanilla, and salt.

Belize Chocolate
My pre-Easter treat

By 5:00 pm the building and deck at the Palapa Bar and Grill were both packed with people there to wish Scott Harnish a Big Happy Birthday and celebrate his 60 outstanding years on the planet.

At around 5:15 Scott, Jack and Mike pulled up by boat to the dock just south of the Palapa Bar so a bunch of folks went outside of the restaurant, each with a letter spelling “Happy Birthday Scott”. Apparently, something went awry with that plan (see video below).

I know there are so many people that would have loved to have been there for the party so I am bringing a small bit of the party to you with a few photo collages and a short video of speeches. Unfortunately, I missed catching Jacks, as I had to run an errand for him.

On the Facebook invitation, Jodie had mentioned there was going to be a special guest. A little birdy had already told me it was Scott’s son Billy who is on Spring Break from school in Florida.

Palapa Bar
Billy and pre-party action
Palapa Bar and Grill
Waiting for the birthday boy to get cleaned up after fishing

Palapa Bar Belize

Palapa Bar Ambergris Caye Belize
Scott aka Palapa Papa’s surprise party

Speeches video

My First Ad Collaboration

A while back the BTB wrote me with the news that The Belize Tourism Board has teamed up with The Reporter Newspaper to develop Toucan Talk – a full-page, full-color feature twice a month. These publications are geared at bringing awareness to Belizeans and encouraging them to be a #BelizeanTraveller. The ads will feature different sites, activities, and festivals throughout Belize, and have some great visuals.

I was very honored to write about Easter on Caye Caulker with a couple of pictures and BTB made a great feature from my submissions.

Belize Tourism Board
My first Belize Tourism Board Toucan Talk ad in the Reporter

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