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Boca Poca and Tasty Taco Pizza

The first Boca Poca Fun Run raised a total of $673 for the San Pedro Food Bank. The event started at 1:00 pm and the first restaurant/bar was Nook Restaurant and Cocktail Bartique. This is a nice spot in town, to enjoy a cocktail on the beach. After we had all signed in and paid our $20 Nook gave the fun run crowd complimentary shots.

When we got to Di V’u Dock Bar and Reef Side Dining, it was 50/50 and french fry time. Both Shirlee and I inhaled our fry baskets – fresh-cut = yum 🙂 Di V’u is the old Wet Willy’s and their deck has always been popular for sunning and fish watching. Update 2016; this site is now the Palapa Bar and Grill.

Steps away was our next destination Sandbar Beachfront Hostel and Restaurant. This is another great spot on the beach road. They are well known for their pizza and deep-fried pickles. Sadly Ice n Beans was still closed. I have been missing their coffee and donuts 🙁

A little further away but still a stone’s throw, we walked down the beach to our next destination.

San Pedro Town
After nook, we opted to go on foot for the rest of the poca run

Lazy Pelican at Ocean Tide Beach Resort was next on the list. This is an often-overlooked beach bar and worth stopping by if you are in the area. They have lots of seating by the pool and you can watch the world go by. In the second picture, notice my hand on the left and Aimee’s on the right? I think someone needs to invent a poker partner game. If there was such a thing, we could have cleaned up and split the pot – Boca poca run was Omaha style, which means we only got to “keep” two of the cards we were dealt and three more that were “flopped” at the end.

Our next beach walk got really blustery with a storm looking like it was going to roll in. A few of the crowd thought it funny that Aimee and I were wishing for jackets. If I find 28°C or 82°F with a strong breeze cool, just imagine how I used to be at the beginning of November back in my old life in Toronto. The weather here is always a reminder I made the right choice to move to the tropics.

San Pedro Belize
I’ve fallen and I can’t get up – Joking around on the way to Wayo’s
San Pedro Belize
The wind picked up fast and clouds got darker

When we got to Wayos Beach Bar, we got a really nice treat – two big stacks of pizzas showed up from Sandbar courtesy of Coconut Carts Belize. We ended up with a meat-lovers at our table and all enjoyed a couple of slices. After we were done Wayo, the host with the most came by and said “here, have a taco pizza too” – how could I refuse that? 😀 It was yummy too; tasted just like a proper taco but in pizza form.

Happy grand prize winners Scott B and Laminar Fly won a split pot.

Everyone who entered the 50/50 had a chance to win some prizes. In addition to a split pot, 2 cell portable phone battery chargers were won by Wayo and Bill. Duke and Ben both won Coconut Carts t-shirts and Caye Coffee crew won the cash.

In case you’re interested in a future Boca Poca Fun Run the dates are as shown in the flyer below. It will be at the same 5 bars you saw above and always start at 1:00 pm. The starting bar will be different for each date listed.

San Pedro Town
Boca Poca flyer courtesy of Coconuts Carts Facebook page

Although I did not win I still went to bed with a smile on my face. I stopped at Lola’s on the way home for honey sriracha wings and got Halloween candy. 😀 Kendall knew I wanted some and had asked his friends Larry and Luanne last minute if they could bring some, so they raided their son’s stash and brought me a sweet treat.

Belize food

Halloween candy from Colorado

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