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Weekend Event Crawl


Four out of five scheduled events happened this weekend so it still qualifies as a crawl 🙂 The only one to get canceled due to weather was, unfortunately, the San Pedro House of Culture concert. Oddly enough the weather had been super all day. Not like Shirlee’s birthday boat party on the Infinity catamaran which was agreed upon whether rain or shine. It rained at least seven hours straight right up till the party then thankfully the sky cleared and the water calmed allowing for us to go out on the water instead of staying docked for safety. It was an awesome way to ring in your 50th or any special occasion including life itself 🙂

Next place on the crawl was the fashion show. Since it was on the beach it was definitely one that had potential to get rained out. It was a gorgeous day right from the get-go and organizers Kirsten and Molly were very pleased for that. There was a really good turn out to see all the pretty girls show off both clothing lines. Mollikultra swimwear is a much-needed thing for the island and she had some great designs and fabrics to choose from. Tiki Designs presented a fun mix of re-inspired wear perfect for the bohemian island girl.

Belize Fashion

Mollikultra swimwear

Belize Food

One of the show specials Lobster Fritters

Belize Fashion

Tiki designs

Belize Weather

Ambient Sky at the end of the show

After the fashion show, I managed to catch a battery recharge before Trevor’s party – what happens when you age. 🙂 I knew it would be packed and figured I was going to stay out late as a result. I was right and it was fun catching up with a few people who much like myself, do not go out at night so much lately. It was pretty funny how they opted to use a bar fight phone call to get Trevor to Lola’s for his surprise party.

Belize Celebration

Birthday boy Trevor

Belize Celebration

Packed party

Belize Celebration

Always makes me laugh when I see Buses on the island. Like Jolly Green Giant standing beside a dollhouse.

There is no better way to start our annual Independence day parade than on a full stomach. My first choice, Sandbar, and Ice n Beans were closed, so close by Melt Cafe was next in line. I usually order a Royal with Cheese there but this time I decided to go for something different and the fried egg is what clinched my decision. I have to say this is the best breakfast sandwich I have had at a sit-down restaurant so far – they also do to go. I do wish they did not list meat as extra on the menu but it is possible they are catering to the vegetarians in that decision. Unless you are veg., who would not want bacon as a regular option? (My other favorite breakfast sandwich take out is the bacon and egg Johnny cake from Ruby’s)

Belize Food

Breakfast Sandwich with everything bagel

We finished breakfast just in time to watch the paraders make their way through town. On the way to find a spot we stopped at a side street store and enjoyed a funny non-camera moment as two paraders dashed away from their group for a beet stop. The crowd on Middle street helped make our decision to head to Front Street to find a less populated space to catch the parade coming in.

Every year the general consensus is the parade costumes get better and from this year’s word on the street, it rings true. Many of us agreed we have definitely seen positive changes and growth over the years.

As I was working on mine, here is the first Parade post I saw on by a Belize Home for Us blog. John took lots of great pictures â€œThe Street Parade” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize. For beginning of Parade pics on the beach here is number two from Bound for Belize blog San Pedro is at its best when there is a parade going on, Part 1 and Bob posted a second one with some great park action – San Pedro’s post-parade is pretty in pink in the park — and blue, yellow, orange . . . Part 2.

Belize Party

Tired paraders

Last but not least, here are two moon pictures one from Saturday night after the fashion show when it was almost full and then last night’s eclipse. I started watching it in town and finished watching it at home. It was a pretty cool sight. I can’t wait to see what the pro photographers come up with for moon pics. Watch Tony Rath Photography and Conch Creative for possible shots. Tony has a great one from a few years back in Dangriga.

Belize Weather

Almost full moon over the Caribbean Sea

Belize Weather

Eclipse from my veranda


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    Anytime John 🙂

  2. John East September 28, 2015

    Thanks for the mention Laurie. Very nice of you.


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