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Finding Adventure in San Ignacio Belize

If you live in another part of the country, San Ignacio in the Cayo district is likely a place you are long overdue on visiting. It makes for an easy action packed and tasty getaway. If you live in the area, when was the last time you took a fun filled adventure in your own backyard?

Belize Iguana Project

The Green Iguana Conservation Project at San Ignacio Hotel Resort is a fun, interactive an educational tour. It takes you up close and personal with this amazing reptile. The best part about the Iguana Tour, aside from seeing an amazing Iguana conservation effort, is feeding time. They literally climb over top of you to chow down on the big green leaves. An added bonus, by taking the tour you will be supporting the Adopt an Iguana Program and The Iguana Kids Club, both of which raise funds to sustain the project and fund scholarships for youth to study these prehistoric looking creatures on an advanced level. I loved being climbed over by Hungry Lizards – a unique experience and I would totally do it again. Other travelers agree it is a must do adventure. it is rated #1 of 36 things to do in San Ignacio and a 4.5 with 782 Reviews.

Did the video get your interest raised for this crazy adventure? Visit the Green Iguana Conservation Project at San Ignacio Hotel Resort. You will be glad you did.

San Ignacio Resort Cayo Belize
Two thumbs up for the Green Iguana Project.

After being at a “Vegetarian Restaurant,” you can get your carnivore on. Onsite restaurant Running W Steakhouse & Restaurant featuring delicious local Belize Beef. More food pics in the second bullet point link below. I consumed lots of burgers and steaks while there. Click Through to see Running W Steakhouse & Restaurant currently holds a 4.5 with 128 Trip Advisor Reviews. Coming in at #8 of 51 Restaurants in San Ignacio.

Cahal Pech

Located about a mile south of San Ignacio town atop the highest hill, Cahal Pech is a perfect do-it- yourself (DIY) tour. Chances are good you could end up with this mid-size ruin all to yourself. Large trees provide great shade for walking, making for a truly magical experience. The main area consists of seven interconnected plazas that were a big excavation and restoration project in the late 1980’s. There is also an onsite museum and several display cases of very cool artifacts. Cahal Pech was a significant Maya settlement for 2000 years and it is estimated 10 – 20 thousand people lived in and around the area. They were involved in trade and commerce. Among the many items traded between communities were ceramics and copal incense used for rituals. Maya bring proof that money did grow on trees. They used cacao (chocolate beans) as currency. I would totally say it is worth visiting. Loved this DIY Magical Mayan experience including a visual history lesson, rock climbing, a really nice rain shower and some very cool wildlife. I was also a fan of the long hill along the way which provides a light exercise. As do all the other San Ignacio activities on this page, this one also rated a 4.5. It tops the charts at #2 of 36 things to do in San Ignacio with 944 reviews at the time of this post.

Cahal Pech Maya Ruin San Ignacio
Steep Stairs – my foot to knee measures 1 ft 19 in. So many cool caverns to explore.
San Ignacio Cayo
A couple of cool and interesting creatures at Cahal Pech.
San Ignacio Cayo
Adventure wedding courtesy of Lara Goldman – Romantic Travel Belize and 12 Store (2 locations.)

San Ignacio Market

While it is open daily, Saturday is definitely the big day. This is when it comes alive with its own unique blend of food and people. Belizean farmers travel from around the country with their wares. The market is filled with lots of seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables. You will also find clothing and household goods and even a pinata should you need one. In addition, you will also find some great edible adventure opportunities with all your Belizean street food favorites – pupusas, quesadillas, burritos, salbutes, empanadas, tamales, BBQ and more. The San Ignacio Market is popular among travelers with a 4.5 average from 147 reviews. It is Listed #7 of 36 things to do in San Ignacio.

San Ignacio Market
Lots to see at the San Ignacio Market especially on weekends

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San Ignacio Belize
San Ignacio Town
San Ignacio Belize
Going for ice cream

Belize Tourism Board

This article is one of many Toucan Talk ads that I was asked to write. They are full page ads in the Reporter newspaper aimed at being a Belizean Traveler in your own country.  Since this post it is not going in print, I added a small bit to include the video and San Ignacio Attraction Trip Advisor reviews. To see the other 5 countrywide topics, please visit my Belize Tourism Board Work Resume Page. Coming next in the series will be – Things to do in San Pedro.

Finding Adventure in San Ignacio
Full page ad in the Reporter News with added fun fact

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