[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]I often get asked the same set of questions: “How can I get cheap flights to Belize, can I get the current tacogirl coupon code for a Tropic Air flight, what are my recommended Belize hotels and resorts to stay at” and “what are the best excursions in Belize?” For the answers to the first three questions, I linked to my other pages. I will answer the last question for you here.

It always amazes me how many things there are to do for such a small country. I broke them down into 2 classifications: water activities and mainland activities. With almost a decade of being here, I’ve been fortunate enough to have done many of them and some things more than once. I’m not saying I’m an expert on these tours, but I do know a little and am happy to share my experiences with you.

Belize Land Tours and Excursions

Many of the excursions on land can be done in combination with other tours and often over several days. What you do, really depends on what area you are staying in, how much time you have and how much you want to spend. I’ll list out everything and then come back to each one and write a little about it. There is Mayan Ruins, Cave Tubing, Zip-Lining, the Belize Zoo, Horseback Riding, hiking/walking/biking tours, or jungle/waterfall tours.

Mayan Ruins

On land, Belize is best known for its Mayan Ruins and there are a dozen or so but the five major excavation sites that are well worth your visit are: Lamanai, Altun Ha, Caracol Xunantunich, and Tikal which is actually in Guatemala. I have been to 2 of the 5 and they both had their own uniqueness. Altun Ha is great if you want a slightly shorter day and Lamanai is a longer tour but well worth it. If you want to really make time, you can do Tropic Air Lamanai tour. Xunantunich is also a favorite to many because of its beauty and preservation. It is usually offered with a second tour like river kayaking or horseback riding. Unless you are really into Mayan ruins or studying to be an archeologist, you will probably only have time to visit one.

Best excursions in Belize
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Cave Tubing

In Maya culture, caves were considered as the entrance to the underworld. You will obviously get wet and depending which caves you are at, there is a 30 – 45 min trek through the magnificent jungle first. The nature walk is easy and just about anyone can do it. This adventure usually offered in combination with another tour. We went cave tubing and to the Belize Zoo on our first trip way back in 2004, before moving to Belize.

Best excursions in Belize
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This one is for those who have an adventurous heart and I am sure it is a very exhilarating ride to say the least. Zip-Lining is often offered with Cave Tubing, which makes for an incredible day. If you’ve never done it before, it is well worth the time. If you’ve done it before, then I’ve been told it is pretty much the same as anywhere. Although I do know people that skydive around the world, so I can see the draw of being able to say the same or zip-lining if you are an adrenaline junkie.

Best things to do in Belize

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Belize Zoo

The Belize Zoo is a must do for all animal lovers. The jungles of Belize and the nearby rain forest are teaming with wildlife and the Belize Zoo has quite a collection. As you’ll notice right away, this is not your typical zoo and the day tour is excellent. If you can swing it, plan on an overnight stay at their Tropical Education center and do the night feeding tour. Day or night, this is an excellent family tour as it is always a kid’s favorite.

Best excursions in Belize

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Belize Water Tours and Excursions

It amazes me that as many great things as there are to do on land in Belize, there are even more to do on the sea. The waters surrounding the islands and shores of Belize are warm and turquoise blue. I am especially fond of the ocean and here are some of the things you can do on the water while visiting Belize: SCUBA diving, snorkeling, fishing, swimming, kayaking, sunbathing and sailing.

SCUBA Diving

Famed underwater explorer Jacque Cousteau discovered the Great Blue Hole in 1971 and people have been coming to Belize to dive ever since. The Blue Hole is a small part of the much larger Barrier Reef that runs along the entire shore of Belize. This reef provides dozens of amazing dive spots with warm water, incredible visibility and gorgeous sea life. Belize is widely known as one of the best places to dive on Earth. There are plenty of dive spots for all levels of skill, from beginner to Divemaster.

Best excursions in Belize

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In my humble opinion, there is no better place on the planet to snorkel. It is the perfect mixture of warm water (about 80°F), awesome visibility and many sea creatures to experience. The reef is well taken care of and there are dozens of fantastic places to snorkel. The most common trip is to Hol Chan Reserve and Shark Ray Alley. I’ve been to each plenty of times and every time presents a new experience. I have also enjoyed amazing underwater adventures at Mexico Rocks, Coral Gardens and combo snorkel and beach barbecue up north. Great activities for the whole family and even SCUBA divers will enjoy the snorkeling here.

Best things to do in Belize

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Whatever activities you decide to do on this trip, be sure to bring sunscreen and bug spray. Consider a zip lock bag or two if you need cheap dry bag options. A few extra dollars for tipping is always welcomed as well. Be sure to share your adventures and please do not hesitate to ask me any questions. I’m here to help.


12 thoughts on “Belize Excursions and Tours

  1. tacogirl says:

    For the Bacalar Chico area, I recommend Seaduced by Belize beach BBQ tour. My other snorkeling recommendation is Reef Adventures Dive shop they can help you with night snorkeling too. For Turneffe a couple of the dive shops fo there or you could check with Catamarans companies.

  2. Mark & Josie Ulrey says:

    We would love to find out who you prefer (possibly two options) on a snorkeling excursion to Bacalar Chico from San Pedro?
    Also, we would love to go to Turneffe Toll but are concerned about the length of time and what some have called a “bumpy ride” on open ocean to get get there. Can you suggest some tour that ha a boat big enough and fast enough for an enjoyable day there?
    Any preferences on a tour that does night snorkeling well?
    Have you had any good luck with Budget Cart Rentals near the Airport?

  3. tacogirl says:

    I have been on more smooth rides than bumpy. If the winds are too strong I would not go. I liked flying to Oragnewalk and then doing a Lamanai tour from there. If you opted for Lamanai tour from Ambergris Caye I can set you up with Seaduced by Belize, I really enjoyed that tour with them. They would be understanding of your need to not be so bumpy.

    If you fly, tacogirl Fight Code For a Cause – no additional cost. horizon – to be used online tropicair.com website. Shining Bright for People in Need with Cancer. This option will be better for your neck and motion issues. They also do a set tour as well if you did not want to go via an independent tour company. I did it that way and it was nice to have room for 6 people comfortable in the boat plus our captain.

    I have never had bad mosquitoes issues in the jungle but I always pack spray in case. On island I had sand flea episode recently. Glorious Belize coconut oil is my fav option to help that.

  4. Balaji says:

    Are the boat rides for snorkeling in Ambergris Caye bumpy/jerky or smooth?

    In the Lamanai tour that rides through the new river is it smooth or bumpy?

    Are there plenty of mosquitoes in Belize? If so, all parts or just the jungle area?

    For a person with neck and motion issues, would you recommend any tour and operator that is not bumpy. Thank you

  5. tacogirl says:

    Glad you like my blog, Jeanne and find it helpful.

    I like shark ray and done it many times and will again but beach bbq would come out in the lead cause I am such a foodie ha ha.

    You can also try someone who will customize it for you. Eric Henkes at uprising tours 662 – 7413 Eric Henkis – He does snorkeling, fishing, picnics, beach bbq, private charters, and sunset cruises. Not sure if he does outside the reef will check for a guy who does. He will easily customize so just ask him for a quote on your preferred adventure combination.

  6. Jeanne M Laughlin says:

    Thanks for putting together this blog, It is so helpful! Suya tours is offering a full day of snorkeling with three stops and a BBQ lunch. We really wanted to go to Shark Ray Alley, but to do this, we would have to book a different excursion that does not include the full day and BBQ. What do you think? Is there a big difference between shark ray alley and three other three snorkeling stops. Would appreciate your opinion.

  7. Mike says:

    We arrive on Friday for 5 days. 2 adults and 2 kids (12 & 10). We would love to swim with manatees, fish, snorkel and golf cart rental. San Pedro. Thank you for the 10% off for tropic air too.

  8. tacogirl says:

    Hopefully this is the Eric you are lookig for Kevin. Uprising
    Tours 662 – 7413 Eric Henkis – He does
    snorkeling, fishing, picnics, beach bbq, private charters and sunset
    cruises. I like him because he has music option on his boat.

  9. Kevin Kearney says:


    We’ve been to San Pedro several times.

    About four years ago or so we booked a fishing/snorkeling/shore lunch tour with a local guide, and we had a great time. We’d like to do it again.

    I believe the guide’s name was Eric…

    Do you know a fishing guide by that name?



  10. tacogirl says:

    You might like the lagoon side paddle board tour since it is a bit further to get around lagoon and back side area they take you by speed boat. Then you to a tour through lagoon and mangrove area on paddle boards then boat back. Grand Caribe Resort also rents Kayaks but they are further north so the lagoon is not as easily accessible from there unless you are in really good shape. Their beach front is really nice to kayak at though.

  11. dinyar master says:

    I have been enjoying your blog and find it very useful on my upcoming trip to Ambergris, I am interested in the lagoons and seeing manatees, crocs and other wildlife but have not come across any info for this on Ambergris. Are there any Kayak rentals to see the lagoons and are they a good place to paddle around on your own to see them?
    Thank you,

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