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Let the Birthday Celebrations Continue

As I was clearing my email inbox this morning after 2 days away enjoying birthday celebrations, I noticed via LinkedIn that San Ignacio Resort Hotel also just had a birthday and is celebrating 39 years in business The well-known resort opened it’s doors 1976, and was named after San Ignacio town in Cayo district.

I am long past 39, in fact, if you do a dyslexic take (which I do often) on the year San Ignacio Hotel started, you will get my birth year, 1967. I recently celebrated my 48th year on the planet. I do not mind aging though and thanks to my mom’s good genes, I still am getting guessed in my 30’s. Sometimes for fun, I tell people I am 50+ 🙂

As part of this year’s celebrations, I decided to do some traveling and San Ignacio Resort was top of my list because I was given a 2 day 2 person gift certificate from Barb and Joe before they moved back to California. Joe had won the gift certificate at his Tropic Air Christmas party and they were very excited to have it. Unfortunately, life took an unexpected turn and they had to move before they could use it.

Barb and I checked in with Trinity, the Marketing Manager at San Ignacio Resort and she was very accommodating at helping us get permission for me to use it.

According to Barb and Joe who have stayed there several times, it’s an amazing place, with great staff and in a perfect location. Based on Barb’s recommendation, I decided to go with a Regal Room. They were all booked up at the time of my birthday so I decided it was worth waiting for. Plus my fellow traveler and blogger Kendall did not close shop for the low season until September 10th so we decided to go Monday the 14th. I have us booked on the 8:00 am Tropic Air flight from San Pedro to San Ignacio. I can’t wait 🙂

Along with my gift certificate comes daily breakfast, of course, I’m very excited about that! Both of us being carnivores, it is highly likely we will end up at Running W Steak House at some point during our 3-day stay. After seeing resort pictures on the website, we agreed on booking an extra day.

Other amenities at the resort:

  • Iguana Project; looks like this will be fun.
  • Medicinal jungle trail; definitely of interest to me as I like the natural approach to healing.
  • Luxury spa; I could use some luxury spa time 🙂
  • Tennis court; I am just not that athletic so probably won’t go chasing a tennis ball around.
  • Swimming pool; got some pool floats in my packing pile already.
  • Banquet & Meeting Facilities; thankfully we will be working as little as possible.
  • Stork Club Bar & Grill; yes, please.


Until my resort review post goes up you can see what other travelers have to say about San Ignacio Resort Hotel on TripAdvisor.


All pictures courtesy of San Ignacio Resort Hotel with Trinity’s permission.

San Ignacio Resort Hotel
Grand staircase
San Ignacio Belize
Looking forward to breakfast on the terrace
San Ignacio Belize
Stylish seating area
San Ignacio Belize
Iguana project
San Ignacio Belize
San Ignacio Resort Hotel pool

2 thoughts on “San Ignacio Here We Come

  1. Nancy Gaydos says:

    Laurie, If you are still in San Ignacio on Saturday down miss the town market, it is amazing. Enjoy & Happy Belated Birthday.

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