Belizean Teacher Training

Belizean Teachers & Writers Wanted

As we slide into 2019, I am pleased to bring opportunity forward. Not only am I posting a second round for Belize Teachers Wanted by United States Schools, but I also have a great grant writer opportunity as well from a different company. Recruitment process is active for 2019 Belizean teachers could expand their capacities […]

Belize Teachers

Belize Teachers Wanted by United States Schools

Once in a while opportunity knocks and for those lucky people whose door it knocks on, it can be life-changing.  Especially when it means expanding your knowledge and horizons within your chosen career in another country. Even better when it comes without having to make a huge decision to save up in order to be able […]

Solar For Schools In Belize 2018

Solar For Schools In Belize

I was very pleased to step away from my desk and play chauffeur for a day last week – Friday Fun. My Kenyon College friends, James Skon, Doug Karl and Robert Alexander were back in Belize doing solar power assessments on schools. Thanks to Carts Belize for their donation. Having wheels was a huge help […]

belize with kids

Congratulations Students of Ocean Academy Caye Caulker

As I finish this post sent to me by Ocean Academy (OA) with my initial thoughts, I cannot help but wonder how amazing it would be to have gone to a high school like this one. OA has built a wonderful curriculum and customized initiatives for its students based on the school’s unique circumstances and […]