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Errand Run

It was nice catching up with Captain Jeff and Steve at Estel’s this morning. Afterward Capt Jeff had some stuff to cross of his list and since it was still early I told him I would enjoy hanging out and on an errand run.

Lots going on today Heather and Taylor arrive. Some of you will remember Heather coming down for San Pedro Lobsterfest June 2009 she is one of the Direct Abundance girls.

Just got the call from Maya Island Air in Belize City for Joanne telling her Heather is on her way over from the mainland. I did not go with Jo to meet her as I know how the amount of donations Heather is bringing and the cart will be fully loaded. When Jo Heather and Cathy came in June they brought so much stuff  between the 3 of them, we did a 3 cart convoy to get the girls and cargo to our apt  –  June 2009 airport arrival pics.

San Pedro Weather – Sun was out for a good bit but I did not let that fool me I wore a coat anyways. Used it 3/4 of time. Wearing hat in house since I got home and if we end up going out tonight – add scarf to the mix.

Steve and Capt Jeff


San Pedro town Ambergris Caye Belize


  1. Not sure what Saga needs ( If any Saga people are reading this feel free to send a wish list) You could probably email through their website and see what they say. As for school I know they can use chisel point markers – Stickers and small items that can be used for rewards are always good too.

  2. Any donations….what is most needed for either is fine. School, SAGA or what have you.

  3. Amy are you thinking school specifically or any particular cause for donations?

  4. TG what is needed for donations? I would love to bring items in June when we come.

  5. What is worse is the “cheesy” Packer banner displayed in full view! The horrors!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  6. Carbunkle Trumpet

    Mysterboy there has been dust on those bottles for years! AND I SO WANT TO BE THERE! WHY WHY WHY!

  7. Bring your feather duster on your next visit mysteryboy.

  8. I just something shocking in that 3rd pic……DUST on liquor bottles! Blasphemy, I tell ya!

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