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Living in Belize Weather In Belize

Bring back the Sun


There has been talk on both message board about how cold the weather in Belize is this week.  Today is 66.8° F / 19° C and the sun is not shining. Heather from Direct Abundance and her daughter Taylor show up tomorrow – I told her to make sure she has a warm clothing option.  Even though Belize weather can change quickly, it is still better to be safe than sorry.

With all the cold weather happening I have really been missing the pool. I posted a few pics below of the pools at Las Terazzas and Pelican Reef. Both very inviting and very different looking pools – at this point in time I would gladly lay in the sun by either one.

Funny how one place can come across so different for so many people.

Warm Weather in Belize

Loungers in the sun


Sunny Belize Weather

Relaxing by the pool


Weather Belize

Yes it is Paradise


San Pedro Belize Weather

Nice pool


Weather for Belize

Pool time



  1. tacogirl January 13, 2010

    Teri as of last night the wind has died down and that helps a lot for warming things up. I sent a group email to both of you. Tobacco Caye that sounds great. I am sure Joanne would love some brochures if you have them. Her big workshop is around January 21st and will ve a 2 day thing. She will do a shortened version of it on the Island.

    Thanks Eden. I changed my wording slightly so people know it is his trials and tribulations more so. Not sure where he was at paying $10 usd an hour for internet but I have never been that unfortunate lol. Thanks for the compliment on my blog.

  2. Eden January 12, 2010

    I would suggest removing that link to the wandering foodie guy. He really has a bad attitude and didn’t ‘get’ Belize at all and was very negative, hopefully he NEVER even thinks of moving to wonderful Belize and stays far away. He was even ticked off that the manatees didn’t act like killer whales and put on a show, get real!! Love your blog tacogirl!

  3. Teri Mac-O January 12, 2010

    Hope it warms up as we are headed your way next Saturday. I read a short post about a women who is now working with domestic abuse. I will be on the island about a week and then head down to Tobacco Caye. I have over 20 yrs exp in this field and sit on the board of directors for the California partnership to end domestic violence. I would like to correspond and see if there is anything, like brochures etc that I could bring down, plus I would like to meet her.


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