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Hot Sunny Saturday

Weather in San Pedro Belize calls for hot and sunny today – 6:50 am and temp is 84.8F / 29C. Wishing everyone a good Saturday where ever you are. Going to town with Dick and Carole this morning – they need to check for hot water heaters and I am looking to get 2 mothers day cards.

Turns out the earliest they can get a hot water heater is Tuesday because of the holiday. We stopped on the way home to see say hi to Denise and Steve who were having an open house at Yellow bird in hopes of selling it. Temp is now up to 85.1f / 30c – lizard weather. Time to step away from the computer and go relax in hammock for a bit.

Downtown San Pedro Belize

Driving around downtown With Dick and Carole


  1. Too funny Bob I can see that now that I slowed down and reread – I am dyslexic so did not read what you wrote right the first time.

  2. Congrats on being one step closer Sarah. Kids do play soccer in the old football field and sometimes softball too. Beach combing is a fun kid activity always lots of wildlife to see.

  3. Wow!! that’s hot!!! Wish i was there… Miss the beautiful Island it was a cool 20 today in Brantford. Can’t wait to get back to the island life. We sold our house so one step closer to our dream of living on the island. I have a question for you. Is there any soccer teams or fun activities for kids to do on the island? Thanks for your help Sarah from Canada.

  4. Sorry, I was just trying to tell an old joke. “Hot water heater” is a mixed metaphor I believe like “military intelligence”

  5. Carole runs her salon CG Esthetic our of the front of their house so hot/warm water for washing clients hair.

  6. Why do they need to heat hot water?

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