San Pedro Belize beach pictures

Hurricane Jo plus 2

In the midst of all that is going on we are cleaning house – company arrives in 2h and change.

Good thing we have 2 carts on order from Capt G’s we will need them for sure. They gave Bloggers a Blog Fiesta Special.

Girls made it ok and had 9 huge bags of donations everything that was checked was for Holy Cross school and one bag is going to RC school. They had to pack their cloths in carry on.

For dinner we met up with Colomojo and Tracy – lobster burritos at waruguma. I had connected them via email before they both came here – was pretty sure they would get along well with their common interest of the school and love for San Pedro.

After dinner I knew I was not going to end up at tackle box with the girls. I had to do the school blog and get far enough on mine for today so I could just upload pictures in the morning – as a happy medium we went to Roadkill for a bit. Don Zac and Doug were playing – great combo they had us laughing at Don’s crazy humor and tapping our toes. They even played Jo’s 2 shout outs for Santana and Eagles.

Thanks for the lobster Ceviche Matt – We all highly recommend it pretty much inhaled ours on the spot – fresh chips and lobster yum lol. Stop by and see for yourself.

Pictures to come in the morning. For now you can go see the ones on Holy Cross Blog and learn more about what the Direct Abundance girls are planning in the future.

Joanne said tonight this is her 3rd time here and this time she felt like she had come home. I can just imagine how she will feel after she volunteers here for 2 months this coming winter.

CT I tried to text you a smack but it kept failing.

KC jayhawks we did a walk by at Canucks to say hi but all was quiet.

Cindy Jeff and John Henry just got back from dinner and came to get timeshare dog – off to go upstairs and test  jello shots that Jeff made this afternoon.

1:08 am can’t sleep so putting pics up now and chatting Monel – girls just got back from going out around town. 1:39 am time to hit the hay night all.
Sevel Eleven

No slurpee machine – wonder if 711 knows lol

Capt G's cart rental

Thanks to Capt G’s for our Blog Fiesta discount cart rental

Maya Island Air

Waiting for Hurricane Jo plus 2

Maya Island Air

The eagle has landed

Maya Island Air

And brought tons of donations

Maya Island Air

So much stuff donated they could not even bring it all this trip. All those bags are full of donations.

San Pedro Belize

Pit stop

San Pedro

Off to the school

Holy Cross Anglican School

Met up with Colette who was doing Be kind Belize workshops all week

Holy Cross Anglican School

Tons of good stuff

Holy Cross Anglican School

Special donation from Kids at Heathers school.

Waruguma lobster burrito

Dinner with Colomojo and Tracy

lobster burrito waruguma

Lobster Burrito time

Waruguma San Pedro Belize

Alexis and friends doing business with Direct Abundance girls who are buying thank you gifts for people who have been extra generous with donations.

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  1. tacogirl says:

    See you tonight. We were up at the school then dropping off schedules to all participants for Blog Fiesta and getting the last of our discount coupons for the press packs.

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