San Pedro Belize beach pictures

Blog Fiesta Kick off party

I am warning you all right now you may experience Belize time on picture posting from here on in.

We have been so busy today starting out with the school and taking pictures of everything the girls brought. While there Direct Abundance decided to sponsor a child for High school and they came up with a very exciting plan. Many kids in Canada are required to do 40 h of community service work to graduate high school so the girls will approach schools to have the kids sell chocolate bars to help send a Holy Cross student to High school on a scholarship.

All the kids had to write out why they felt deserving of a scholarship and what area they wanted to study. There were 4 kids left to choose from all had great letters but they chose Damaris who is 14 years old and wants to be a music producer. In her own words… I chose this career because I really love music. Music is my passion I could hear music every day and I don’t get bored. I really have to follow my dreams and not give up.

Very flitting they chose her as we have been driving around San Pedro listening to my shuffle speaker combo and the girls have been signing along to their favorite songs.

You Can check out all the donation pictures from today on the School Blog.

I really need a swim break – the big party at Pedro’s is coming so fast.

Blog Fiesta kick off party for San Pedro Lobsterfest 2009 was a big success – we packed the house and everyone had a great time. I scored some great shorts and a top at the stuff swap and the all you can eat lobster pizza was even better than it was on wed night.

Rum Cigar Store San Pedro

Had to make a stop at the rum Cigar store

Rum Cigar Store San Pedro Belize

Coconut bruit is a must have item for those who like coconut and sweets would be a great topping for ice cream baking or cereal.

Lyrical King

Direct abundance girls and Lyrical King

Walter Pedros Pizza

Ran into Walter on the way home

Maria's San Pedro Belize

Pit stop at Maria’s

Pedros Hotel

Some good stuff turned up at swap

Pedro's Pizza

Direct Abundance girls talking to DL Butterfly aka Terrie

Pedros Hotel

Heather Colomojo Tracy Joanne Walter

Pedros Pizza

Cathy Walter Joanne

Pedros Pizza Jagermeister Belize

Walter and Tamara

Pedros Pizza stuff swap Belize

Scored a Scuba mag at the swap

Pedros Pizza Stuff Swap party

Full house

Pedros Pizza stuff swap party

Blog Fiesta kick off party

Pedros Pizza Blog Fiesta

Carbunkle KC Jayhawk and Shauna

Pedro's Pizza Walter

Walter signing in for gift game

Pedros Pizza stuff swap

DL Butterfly wins a Hot Belize Discount Card

Pedros Pizza Blog Fiesta stuff swap party

Jim Jam was not quite as lucky

Pedro's Pizza Blog Fiesta

All you can eat Lobster Pizza at Pedro’s

Pedros Pizza Blog Fiesta

Michele Life’s a Beach Blog

Pedros Pizza Blog Fiesta

Dorian in his stylish new lobster hat

Pedros Pizza Blog Fiesta

Lara won a coconut bra and lobster napkins how fitting.

Ambergris Today News Paper

Dorian grows dreads – must be the jagermeister ha ha

Pedros Pizza BLog Fiesta Stuff Swap

Party boy

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