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Lobsterfest 2009 block party


Today’s the big day I am so excited – this has been a long time coming.
We started out with a big breakfast at Estels – they put a long row of tables for us right on the beach. Afterward we went to the rum cigar store for tasters – Yum.

May 20th
Tim emailed me said Blog Fiesta / Lobsterfest will be legendary this year – I needed to hear that as a reminder of why I am doing all this. I keep thinking what the heck did I get myself into this time – must keep my eye on prize.

Rain woke me up at 3:30 am and my brain immediately started going 100 miles an hour. The up side to that is that I figured out our Deluscious signage for this year – a slightly modified version of last years. When we woke up I told Paul about my middle of the night brainstorming and he said he did not like the sign last year.

I had to laugh and told tq about this on the coconut phone She was there helping me tape it together last year when we had no choice but to pick that option and were assembling hours before we were to go decorate. We won best booth and It worked out perfect in the end so I am sure it will do fine again this year.

May 29
Alternating between moments of excitement and online shopping anxiety.

Paul and Cindy have no idea – we are all so busy and crazed between work packing and moving. They are leaving me in charge of getting us all set up with decorations and prizes and lets just say I blew the budget big time. I managed to soften the blow a bit with some online coupons for 2 of the stores. 10% at one and 15% off plus free shipping at the other. Tip always google for internet coupons when shopping online.

I just placed the last order going to Carbunkle Trumpet for Mardi gras beads lobster hats and fancy lighting options. I am so luck for all those people who were willing to have orders ship to them and people who shopped for prizes. Lobster bibs arrived – Colin went all the way to Inglewood to get them.

I am so lucky for all the help I am getting with people willing to bring my decorations in and those who are willing to shop and procure stuff for a good cause. I could not do it without all of your help – Nova – Mary1220 – TQ – Colin – Colomojos – KC Jayhawks – Carbunkle Trumpets – Sev – SweetJane

Our booth is going to be over the top compared to last year and I am putting it in writing right now I am now doing a booth next year!! (hopefully I will not forget I said that when the time comes)

Going to hook up with mary1220 later to get first batch of stuff – blow up dice and other assorted casino decorations. She donated 10 build bears for prizes. Got some pf Pedro’s things too – a big blow up pirate ship cooler for his roof and inflatable broadswords and parrots.

June 8th
It hit me this morning just how fast time is passing and how much I have to do still to get ready for everything. I just made my blackboard list this morning to help keep me focused. Got more prizes – lobster claw grabbers a big bag of leis and Shannon sent them with Sev who luckily had an overnight in Texas.

June 13
Mildly stressed out this morning cause there is so much to do still and have not been able to get crown and anchor wheel made yet. We do have use of some slick games for casino but I have not been able to work out how we would be able to do prizes with them. Playing with the decorations that Jayhawks brought for me last night helped me chill out a bit – I know well enough by now that things will work out how ever they are going to and all I can do is be glad I am as prepared as I am at this stage of the game and that I was lucky enough people were willing to cart all my decorations down for me.

June 15th
Holy Moley it’s Monday and Blog Fiesta / Lobsterfest is coming at us so fast now. I almost wish I could close my eyes be looking back on it all now instead of being inside my head for the next week. Going for a swim to burn some of this unsettled energy off – our Internet is down at the moment so that seems like the most productive option. That totally worked by the time I was done fluttering back and forth with my floaty ring enjoying the sounds of Don Ho and Beck the printer got fixed and map and press passes done.

June 16th
Been to 3 stores looking for red paper to make our Deluscious sign lettering – so far nothing. I am still hoping to find it so I bought the black Bristol board anyway. Omg I am so lucky Marie just saved the day – got email just now she has red paper hurrah. Going to have our first meeting about block party tonight. Met with Cindy first and talked through plans – will likely to a drinks brainstorming session with her soon. Joe and Lara came over and we totally hammered it all out. Took hours and some head butting but we are all feeling like we have a solid plan in place as to how people can buy or win prizes and who is doing what.

June 17th
4 days till block party – this morning I woke up from dreaming I was in our booth.

What a pleasant surprise to run into Tulu this morning on our way to Estel’s. Had a lovely breakfast with Blog Fiesta gang and then we headed over to the Rum Cigar store on middle street after for a tasting session. Everyone fell in love with Campasino coffee liquor and Jankunu rum cream – not surprised they are really tasty.

Headed home for a quick dip and it was back to organizing and getting ready for tonight.

Block party was packed – more people than I remember from the past 2 years. Unfortunately we got some rain at the start but I did not mind – we just held back on putting up our cardboard decorations and used the blow ups first. Colomojo and Tracy came by later and helped me finish putting stuff up. We all had a great time and our booth was busy all night long.

Congrats to Fin and Rojo lounge for winning best booth – was great meeting you.


Tulu says hi to everyone


Blog Fiesta breakfast at Estel’s


Brat pack


Trumpets and Colette
Bacol wallet

Infamous bacon wallet

Rum Cigar Store

Rum Cigar store – Campasino and coconut brut yummy

pool time

Cathy and Heather chillin in the pool before the big party

San Pedro lobsterfest 2009

Packing up to go decorate Delucious and Pirate booths

San Pedro Lobsterfest Deluscious booth

Deluscious Casino booth

San Pedro Lobsterfest Deluscious booth

Deluscious and Lemon Crush

Lemon Crush

Lemon Crush – Lara’s new line of Glam Swimwear

San Pedro Lobsterfest Deluscious booth

Deluscious booth


Joe in Belize our croupier


Pedro and Laurie having fun at Lobsterfest 2009 block party

Crown and Anchor

Crown and Anchor

Lobster hats won at Deluscious booth

Lobsterfest 2009 – San Pedro Belize

Fat Cats play San Pedro Lobsterfest 2009

Dancing to Fat Cats

Pirates Pizza

Lobsterfest block party 2009 – San Pedro Belize

Pirates Pizza

Pirates Pizza

Pirate's Pizza

Pirates Pizza served up lobster slices and seafood chowder

San Pedrio Lobsterfest 2009 block party

Lobsterfest block party 2009 – San Pedro Belize

San Pedro Belize Lobsterfest 2009 Block Party

John Henry and crew

Carole and Dick

Carole and Dick

Walter serving up seafood chowder for Pirates Pizza

Walter serving up seafood chowder at Pirates Pizza

Deluscious booth

Joe in Belize our croupier

Deluscious Casino booth

Deluscious Casino

Rob and Michele Kinnon Buy Playa real estate LIfe's a Beach blog

Rob and Michele

Deluscious Casino

Deluscious casino

Deluscious Casino

Full house at our booth

San Pedro Lobsterfest 2009

Lobster people – Lobsterfest 2009

Pedro having fun


Pedro and his teddy bears

Cathy and Walter

Cathy and Walter

Walter and Cathy

Deluscious Casino

Paul took over as croupier

Fin Rojo Lounge Lara Lemon Crush

Lara and Fin
too much fun

Nap time after block party

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