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Living in Belize

Ultralights Overhead


What a nice morning. Been enjoying coffee on the veranda talking to Heather and watching boats – puddle jumpers and Ultralights. So far the Ultralights have made 2 passes by us – you can read more about them on Ambergris Daily.

Joanne went to Belize City early to meet some Government people about the upcoming workshop РUnited Against Abuse at Banana Bank. Heather wanted to show Talyor around the island so they headed on foot to town to pick up a golf cart.  They are back now and Taylor is doing a polar bear swim this aft Рbrrrr.  No word from Joe and Mike yet but I would imagine they will be heading back on the water taxi sometime soon.

Congratulations goes out to Miss Carole for getting her captains license – she is one of few women to get one here in San Pedro Belize.



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