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Weather In Belize

Hurricane Season Belize

Time to Prepare As time moves on, Belize weather does too.  It’s coming around to hurricane season again so I have started to get all my bits and pieces in order. I made my own first aid kit and used a plastic container that sheets come in to put all the stuff. Although my kit is not  complete it is a ... Read More »

It’s Raining, It’s Pouring

7:34 AM Late start this morning, but it’s pouring rain and I could not help laying in bed a bit longer. Been raining since about 1:30 AM. Rainy weather in Belize provides perfect conditions for snoozing in bed. Paul and I both woke up and rushed around checking the windows. I forgot that my radio was outside, but luckily it ... Read More »

Rain Insane

Belize Weather in January The sky started throwing down rain just as we got to the airport, so I had to book a spot on the 11:00 am flight. After waiting a bit we came up with the idea to head to the bakery as a stop over point between the airport and Perk, so we waited for the rain ... Read More »

Wacky Windy Weather

Belize weather in December

Rain hit just after 2:00am last night – woke me up with a start rushing to close the windows which unfortunately woke Paul up too. Chatting shuffles on the coconut phone. We were talking about going to the pool and now the sky has grown dark and the wind has picked up big time – you would not know it ... Read More »

Indecisive November Weather

Belize in November Our November weather can be unpredictable but I would still take it over Canadian winter any day. After all who wouldn’t want to trade in snow and slush for highs of 28°Cor 76°F lows of  23°C or 73°F and  cool windy days with lots of sunshine. Even our worst cold fronts have been better than what we faced in our cold old Victorian ... Read More »

Raining cats and dogs and Belize in October

belize in october

Rainy San Pedro day 8:45 am – Ouch we recently discovered rain getting in the above the downstairs sliding doors – not ideal timing to spring a leak.  It’s pouring down with rain right now and the kind of day that just makes you want to be cozy at home and hope you luck into a good movie on tv 11:00 ... Read More »