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Wet Wet & Wet

November is in the Middle of Belize Rainy Season

It was fun watching the coke tractor zigzag down the puddled & potholed road when I was on my way to aquafit this morning. I was glad that we were at a dry patch when we passed each other.

The count is in for Liberty Children’s Walk-a-thon- they raised $6000. Congratulations goes out to Cindy for raising  so much money – $1000. Check Cindy’s blog for lots of fun pics of team Pedro doing their walk from town up to Captain Morgan’s and stopping along the way at Patojos – Reef Village – Palapa Bar – Aji and onto finish in last place.  While they were having fun I managed to catch up on the Holy Cross school blog and got 5 new posts up then went for a walk south through DFC.

Conch Creative has their website up and running now too – lots of nice pics to see there.

Daily San Pedro Weather –  During Belize rainy season, it’s a good idea to time your outside activities wisely or you will get wet.

Weather in Belize

Weather in Belize is Wet, Wet, Wet


Belize Weather

Flooded Road


San Pedro Belize Weather

Is there a road under that water?


Weather Belize

Maneuvering the Puddles



  1. Holy Moly that’s a messy road. Any deeper and you could have held aquafit right there.

  2. So true klcman we got some big @ss puddles going on and while it is not steady all day rain the showers are heavy just long enough to keep the puddles full and growing.

  3. Got drenched 3 times yesterday trying to get back from Reef Village – got back to work dripping wet and told Peter I was going home to get dry and wouldn’t come back until I had stopped sulking!

  4. I can just imagine. I managed to stay relatively dry but twice I had to wait to leave the house till the rain eased up.

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