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Living in Belize

BEL Credit


As promised Belize Electricity Limited really did use our $200 deposit from downstairs towards the last of our bill and refunded us the difference so we now have a credit for $129.80 – what a nice surprise.  Now that it is cooler and we are on second floor we are using 8 KWh  a day – was up to 11 and 13 in the summertime – will be interesting to see how cheap our next bill is.

My day was going along quite nicely  washed the floors and the sky was looking clear so I decided to put a load of laundry in. It figures not long after the big dark storm clouds started rolling in fast – handy that our drying racks can be moved inside when it rains.

Read on Ambergris Daily that US Airways has signed a codeshare deal with Taca Airlines that will let customers to fly to more destinations in Central and South America next year.

Daily San Pedro Weather -  early morning rain but so far day has been dry.

Puddle Season


Rainy day roads

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  1. tacogirl November 26, 2009

    Time for solar and or wind power.

  2. Bob November 26, 2009

    O wait, thats 42 cents Belize. Well 16. 5 cents in texas is ridiculous.

  3. Bob November 26, 2009

    eeyow! I thought 16.5 cents per kwh was ridiculous here in Texas!

  4. tacogirl November 25, 2009

    During the summer were were up around $170 – $180 I am hoping to get down around $140 or less now that it is cooler. I am not sure about cents per kWh and a bit to tired to do the math right now – will work it out next bill.

  5. Billy November 25, 2009

    That is a nice gift. So what does your monthly bill usually run? Is the rate around 42 cents Belize per kWh?


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